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Office Furniture Dubai

Decorating any space with the desired articles and décor items is a fun thing to do. It is exciting to go through the variety of options from different brands to see what can fill up your space. But the excitement can easily die down once you understand that the process is not as easy as it sounds. Choosing furniture for your office can be a tiring process due to the amount of time and energy you need to spend on it. Highmoon Furniture makes it fun and easy by providing high-quality office furniture Dubai options at the best rates.

Choose the right furniture for your office?

The aesthetic appeal of any space affects the level of productivity and mental well-being of the people working in it. A room with a lot of clutter and random pieces of furniture can be unpleasant to the eyes as well as the mind. There are various reasons for deciding on the right furniture for your office:

1. The right furniture provides comfort:

An office with good furniture provides comfort to the employees, who will enjoy their work much better due to this. It makes work simpler and less complicated. A good piece of furniture will let you freely move around in your cabinet. modular office furniture dubai. It also reduces any chance of body pain or injuries that can cause your work to slow down.

2. Improves productivity:

The furniture along with the other interior works of an office space can affect how an employee feels when he or she is inside it. Choose furniture that matches the color, vibe, layout, and style of the office. Highmoon is a office desk furniture in dubai. This improves the visual appeal of the office and can make it a comfortable place to work in. It leads to less clutter and increases the productivity of the employees.

3. Furniture helps define the purpose of your space:

It enhances the functionality of your office space by placing the right piece of furniture in the right place.

Doing this also encourages activity and interaction among your employees and clients which will, in turn, benefit your company. It will also appear warm and welcoming to your clients. This is an important point as client satisfaction is crucial to the success of any business, and it can begin in the office itself.

Considerable Factors while buying office furniture Dubai

Buying furniture for your office is not a simple task. It requires planning and understanding what needs to go where. You also need to shortlist the best brands that offer the services that you are looking for. Before starting to plan out, you need to keep a few things in mind for the ease of the process.

1. The size of the furniture:

Make sure that the size of the furniture that you buy is proportionate to the space in your office. Employees need space to move around so that they do not feel clustered, untidy and uncomfortable.

Keep the size of the furniture in mind while planning the layout of the office as well.

Highmoon  Furniture offers a beautiful collection of height-adjustable desks and other sets of custom-made furniture that meet all your standard requirements.

2. Budget:

Setting up an office successfully needs wise financial decisions and planning. This is also needed in the step of choosing the right kind of furniture for your office.

  • Decide the amount that you would be spending on a particular desk or chair. Fix a budget and look for brands that match your financial needs and shortlist accordingly.
  • Quality is extremely important as it corresponds to the comfort and feelings that the furniture offers. Hence, one should not compromise on the quality while fixing a budget to buy office furniture.

3. Needs of the office:

Usually, in an office, the employees sit down at their desks and work for continuous hours. This puts comfort in the number one position when it comes to the main requirements of the office.

Highmoon Furniture provides you with custom-made office furniture

Dubai ranging from economical to luxury options showcasing the classic Italian style and quality.

  • Create a layout of the entire office and list out the needs of each area. If you are looking to buy furniture for an entertainment area, ease of movement should be the priority.
  • A conference hall on the other hand would require a formal setup. Highmoon Furniture is also one of the most reliable meeting table suppliers in Dubai making your conference meetings much more exciting.

4. Flexibility of the furniture:

The flexibility and functionality of the furniture are key when it comes to designing an office. Talk to your employees and understand their needs so that such furniture can be customized.

  • Check for chairs that can easily be moved across the room to get access to the files in a drawer that isn’t nearby.
  • We at Highmoon Furniture offer such comfortable ergonomic chairs that are made with extreme care to ensure excellent stability and movement.
  • Buy desks that have enough storage space to store all the files and documents. These are examples of how furniture can be customized to make the employees feel more comfortable in their workspace.

5. Identity of the brand:

The kind of furniture at your office speaks volumes about the brand and the values that it upholds. It should also add to the visual beauty of your office making it look classy and welcoming.

  • Choose furniture that goes with the personality and the work culture of the company. Highmoon Furniture lets you customize your desk with a variety of color options to match the style of your office.
  • The comfort level offered by the furniture also lets your clients know how you treat them which is important to maintain the company’s reputation.
  • The kind of furniture affects the overall development of the brand and its employees by affecting their productivity and state of mind. This is why it is a wise choice to invest in high-quality furniture from Highmoon Furniture before setting up an office.

Why choose Highmoon for office furniture in Dubai?

We are a specialist in office furniture manufacturer in Dubai. We are one of the best creative designers of office furniture in Dubai. Highmoon Home Furnitures has a highly-experienced and technically skilled team with lots of years of experience.

1. We provide office furniture as per workplace to make it look elegant and tidy.

2. Here, Customers have the option of choosing colors, size, and design.

3. Highmoon Home Furnitures Trading LLC is a custom-made office furniture company in Dubai, UAE.

4. We provide furniture in the short term as production capacity is efficient.

5. Highmoon Furniture is the top office furniture manufacturer in Dubai.

6. We produce office furniture from German materials. We have a 600m2 showroom in Dubai. Highmoon Furniture has trained technicians working in the production, the high-quality new idea of a design on-time delivery is our scope of work.

7. The best production team and best design, 40 thousand square feet showroom in Al Quoz Dubai. Every day creating new designs for the current situation in this market cost effect, select a more modern, simple production style.

Bright Office Concept:

Custom Made office furniture is very important to match existing office design. There is a color scam, white, Gray, Yellow, or Orange. This makes a bright office design. This concept in the office more sunlight enters the office look brightened. So we need to work on these white bright office concepts. The wood color Wangari walnut with white or gray combination with works very well. As so office needs gray flooring and white wall + white lights make brighter the office.

Off-White Office Concept:

Highmoon Office Furniture Company will suggest to the customer, once visit the site, then advise the customer what color fits your office. Off-white or brown office concepts need a wood look, like teak, walnut, mahogany, and dark oak with black or dark brown combination office furniture. Warm white lighting, wood-looking flooring, brown ceramic, or carpet flooring will bring a warmer and calm working environment business get to improve and employees get peace put more productivity and growth.

Office Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier UAE

If you are new in Muscat and looking for best furniture, then it is easy to find top office furniture suppliers in Muscat. Highmoon Furniture has become one of the prominent brands in the furniture market even across the Gulf. After successfully dealing with numerous clients in Dubai, we have also had content customer base that is expanded within, other Gulf States. We are grateful and proud dealers of high quality and best furniture designs in Saudia Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iran etc. We have also been dealing with clients in the African region as well, with our best quality and custom made furniture designs.

 Modern office furniture in UAE

Dubai is one of the most important cities where the business world is on its never-ending journey towards newest, creative ideas, aimed at tackling the global economic situation and marketing prejudices. While setting up a unique office here at Dubai, you should not dare to forget the name ‘Highmoon’ during your official discussions to confirm your office furnishing ideas. Highmoon is a home of branded, extravagant collection of ultra-modern office furniture, in the whole UAE. This is in fact, a one-stop solution, where you can avail all kinds of furniture required to fill the office space, in a standard manner.

Stylish & modern office furniture, Dubai

Highmoon is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the most stylish and modern office furniture, that gifts a novel trend to the way your office looks like. The style of our office furniture defines itself in terms of colors, artwork, flexibility, and design. You don’t need to worry about choosing the right package, as we have a team of experts who are capable of leading you to the right selections, by providing an array of options as per your office requirements.

Brightest colors & adorable artworks

For Highmoon, furniture is not just a product, but something beyond. We believe that every end user of our modern office furniture eventually loves to care the furniture without rough usages. For this reason, we include brightest colors that mixes up with the room ambiance that you have set through a good interior designing. Also we do add simple artworks in the guest room furniture, to evoke a luxury feeling of reception. This can surely enhance the impression regarding reception in the minds of the guests who visit the office.

Officially valuable designs

As everything in Dubai is becoming official, Highmoon also imparts officially valuable designs in every piece of modern office furniture we shape out. When we say ‘officially valuable designs’, what we mean is that, our office furniture has those designs which has comparatively a higher value when it comes to the use in official mode such as meetings, official receptions, and so on.

Office Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier UAE

You can select any type of chairs with online office furniture

suppliers Muscat. Often while buying a chair one only considers the material of the chair and the style, whether it looks regal and expensive or not. It is a common mistake that people make, is to buy a chair that is identical to a quality chair, that looks expensive and regal but is manufactured by cheap quality material and the design and alignment of the chair isn’t as accurate as required. There are a few more details that should be taken care of other than the style, especially for a chair meant for work.

Employees spend most of their day in the office, at his/her workstation. Therefore, a proper and comfortable office chair is a must. It might seem unnecessary at first, but it is better for the long run to provide the employees with a comfortable chair that they can work on. Long working hours on an uncomfortable chair might cause back pain, irregular blood circulation, cramps and muscle strain which could lead to mental frustration due to the inconvenience.

Hence, it is a favored choice to have comfortable chairs for all the executives in the office. One such comfortable office chair is specially designed, known as the ergonomic chair that has been designed with the suitable alignment, in order to provide a comfortable seating experience. At Highmoon Furniture, you will find the best quality office chairs in various colors with extra features like height adjust, revolving as well as still chairs, ideal for office furniture.

Office Chair Supplier Dubai

The difference between a quality chair and a local cheap chair that claims to be a quality product is, that quality chairs have been made considering these minor details with proper alignment, posture, the position of the head rest and arm rest along with the material that is season friendly and design that complements your style. Our office furniture showroom has a wide collection of office chairs that include executive chairs, reception chairs and student chairs for school and home office furniture in multiple colors and patterns.

Apart from office chairs, our furniture collection includes lounge chairs, coffee table, office workstations, reception desks, conference tables, airport and public place seating, dining and canteen chairs, desks and chairs for schools and institutions, file cabinets and lockers, office plants, flooring and adjustable and fold-able desks and chairs that can be customized to your choice of color, size and shape. Highmoon Furniture, one of the best office furniture in suppliers in Muscat Oman, give high quality furniture in different shapes and sizes.

 Luxury Office Furniture – Custom Made

How many of us have observed that most of the everyday employees around the globe spend at least eight hours a day sitting in front of their working desks? Because of this, countless reports are prepared by the health researchers regarding physical injuries, mental stress and other wellness issues that result in a decrease of productivity at the part of employees. Now, to all the employer clients out there, Highmoon has something very special to suggest you-you can find an easy solution to this situation by investing your precious money in Highmoon’s luxury office furniture,

manufactured on the basis of pure ergonomic principles, which in turn will lead to healthy sitting posture and happy smiles of your employees throughout the day, through its innovative design and elevated comfort levels.

Reduce The Physical Stress With Highmoon’s Luxury Office Furniture

Highmoon’s luxury office furniture that includes leisure chairs, height-adjustable desks, desktop tables & supportive keyboards, workstations, ergonomic chairs etc. are designed to support employees during their working hours with flexibility and comfort in appreciable levels. When workers feel free to deal with any equipment or materials installed upon their workspace, they will naturally experience a positive reduction in the physical stress they have been suffering so far till the introduction of Highmoon’s ergonomic luxury office furniture which provides great comfort.

Boost The Productivity With Our Durable Luxury Office Furniture

When Highmoon’s luxury office furniture reduces the physical and mental pain of the employees, they are more likely to be exposed to an immediate boost in productivity. Since we use only original ingredients while manufacturing your durable office furniture to assure maximum flexibility and comfort, the employees will have comparatively fewer reasons to get distracted from the routine official works or from giving the best of them. Also, since our luxury office furniture follows the apt ergonomic principles during the production stage, it helps the employees to enjoy the comfortable working postures thereby lessening chances for staying away from work due to any kind of illness and injury that cut-shorts smiling hours at the office.

Impress Your Clients With Stylish Luxury Office Furniture

Highmoon manufactures that kind of stylish luxury office furniture that reflects a positive outlook of your office management and surely impresses your clients at its best. We know how much the seeds of the first impression of an office sowed in the minds of clients or business partners affects the future rapport with your office. And so, Highmoon makes your office really comfortable for the employees, catch the attention of everyone and reflect success in the industry through the tempting ambiance created by our best-ever office furniture collection. Highmoon’s luxury office furniture manifests all these factors and lot more. In short, purchasing a bulk collection of our luxury office furniture is something that is going to make your office design comfortable and flexible in all senses, which is a point definitely worth considering.

Top Quality Office Furniture

Highmoon’s attractive reception desks are capable of leaving luxuriant impressions as they incorporate luxury filing systems, workspaces, and technology furniture that makes the desk organized, efficient and receptive. Our reception chairs are designed by considering the basic comfort level required for the client. We furnish your reception area or guest lounge with additional magazine holders or media display stands. The reception tables bear those brightest colors that serve the purpose of ambient lighting. While selecting chairs for the guest room, manager’s cabin and to the meeting/conference halls, you can choose a suitable fabric that suits the customers’ tastes at its best.

High Back Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you are searching for a decent and simple-to-maintain high back ergonomic office chair that won’t abandon you broke, then at Highmoon Furniture you are in the perfect place. This chair has been produced with all the benefits and appearance of a high end office chair, however only a fraction of the expense. The high back ergonomic office chairs goes grandly with the stylistic design in any office. This is especially important to office executives since they get a significant number of walk-in customers at their office. They felt that they expected to motivate some trust in business by updating their workplace, that’s why these high back ergonomic office chairs. The chair works perfectly, and passing by its appearance and general configuration,

Highmoon Furniture would like to say that it is undoubtedly worth more than what the small furniture stores are charging in the UAE. The chair’s high backrest bears a formed design that delightfully gives a considerable measure of lumbar support. This backing support is mainly concentrated in the lower back area where it is required the most. In these days, it’s troublesome to use general chairs for a long time since they just give basic backing. This chair, however, gives a chance to work persistently for quite a long time without even the scarcest pinch. This is certainly the best choice with regards to lower back and neck support.

Choose High Back Ergonomic Office Chairs

One of the fundamental reasons why people want to buy these high back ergonomic chairs is a direct result of the comfort they give. It provides a person the capacity to sit back and relax as they take a seat. At the same moment, they are stylishly pleasing, of which is never an awful thing. The high back ergonomic office chairs are intended to give backing and comfort in the meantime. It has a one of a kind design that guarantees back pain a thing of days gone by.

This increases efficiency in the office and other health related issues identifying with sitting positions. These chairs are the better choice for those individuals who have related sitting stances concerns and for the individuals who are taller than other people. These chairs are also awesome for those who are greater than other people. The reason this is so is that, they help in dispersing weight similarly and guarantees the body is not slumping over. Having a little chair, a taller individual will have no spot to bolster their backs too.

The best high back ergonomic chairs should not only come down to stance and comfort as well as offering a lot of health related advantages. For those whose work requires taking a chair for a long time do depend on the backing of their chairs. If the office chair is not comfortable, it could result to sitting stance relating issues such as back pain and even lasting issues with bone.

Must Features in an Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

If you invest the majority of your time at work by sitting, it is essential to select an ergonomic high back office chair that gives your body with the backing that it requires, while at the same moment situating your hands, legs and neck in such a manner to minimize strain. If you need to be gainful at the workplace and work for extended hours without encountering any exhaustion, then it is fundamental that you have a quality high back executive office chair that is made of leather.

Despite the fact that there are other office chairs made of different materials, none of them have the same quality parameters as leather. In addition, apart from being comfortable this material is additionally durable and simple to maintain. A chair with height adjustable armrests provides you the most choices related to comfort.

You can move them down off the path when you don’t need, or raise them amid periods of time when your arms require an additional backing. Having the capacity to adjust the angle of the back of the chair can help you fit it more appropriately to your body. These are only a couple of the most imperative features to search for in an ergonomic high back office chair. You may need to experiment with various distinctive chairs before you find the one that is the most comfortable for seating.

Top Quality Luxury Modern Office Desk in UAE

We all know the fact that an office remains as a static building till it is furnished with ample furniture and apt interior designs aimed at creating lasting impressions among the internal and external population of an office. And where are you going to purchase your luxury modern desk from? Please don’t confuse yourself further.

Highmoon is here to make you feel you relaxed with our top-quality luxury modern desk that suits any kinds of offices well. Our manufacturing team is on its journey towards exploring maximum possible combinations of different patterns that brings out the best designs of work desks for an office. When we invite you to visit our showrooms in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt etc.

We just mean to intimate you about how beautifully the concept of luxury can be redefined in our luxury modern desk with the help of ultra-modern technologies and innovative ideas. And that effort is definitely expected to gift you the most stylish and standard office desks ever. So, shall we start packing your set of modern luxurious desks?

Highmoon’s Luxury Modern Desk With Keyboard Tray

We all know that a working desk can easily become filled or covered with too much things on-use. Highmoon’s luxury modern desk is designed with sheer convenience to give you an experience that when you are working from your official desk, you will feel better with fewer objects placed comfortably. The keyboard tray installed in our luxurious office desk is going to save a lot of space and it is never difficult for anyone to locate. When you are done typing the entire stuff, you can simply push the keyboard back to the sub-space of the desk. In short, our keyboard tray bearing durable office desk is the ideal path towards freeing-up your space upon an office desk.

Contemporary and Stylish Office Desk for Sale in Dubai

Highmoon’s luxury modern desk is designed in that way realizing the fact that most of the contemporary office designs demands the ability for the office desks to plug in phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops all in one location. Even if you introduce a working plan that limits your electronic needs, you still will have a bare minimum necessity of a lamp to be placed on the desk. You may also need more space for placing little, but important things such as a pencil sharpener or pen holder also.

When you are deciding to purchase a luxury modern desk for your office, Highmoon promises you the additional feature of cord ports. These ports are holes in the top of a desk, wrapped with plastic covers that paves way to channelize cords and cables to one or multiple connection points. All these will help you to maintain a tidy desk even when you are offered with a space to charge ample number of devices at the same time.

Modern Design Furniture

The whole office design concepts have rapidly and positively changed with the introduction of Highmoon’s luxury modern desk. Our modern office desks have the classy and stylish looks with glass-finish, changing the mood of the workers into a pleasant one. In any case, the users feel to enter yet another level of aesthetic appreciation while using Highmoon’s convenient office desks as their designs help them to get rid of that old-fashioned work-desk looks.

Sofa Seating for Office and Commercial level

Sofa Seating is an essential commodity in an office or in any building. Finding the best suit for your office interior design with color combination is a pretty difficult task. But we Highmoon helps you to find the best one with our amazing collection of sofa seating with mind-blowing designs and colors.

Sofa seating mainly comes in 5 types. Modern sofa set with modern designs and classic colors, Luxury sofa seating with high quality and leather materials with high finishing, lounge area or lobby area seating with a modular sofa set which shape can be changed, the soft seating with attractive color combination and Multipurpose Sofa bed which can be converted into sofa and bed.

Explore the best Sofa Seating

We Highmoon have different varieties of all types of sofa seating, which you can experience and feel it if you visit our showroom in Dubai, UAE. Our expert designers design the sofa seating as per 3 categories. Ergonomic ones like sofa seating, then economic ones which are cheap in price and Highly luxury one with high quality. So that customers at any range can find the best fit for their needs at Highmoon.

Within own production house with 100+ workers we design each product with high aggregation. Our high quality exported pieces of machinery help s to make high finishing to our products. If you are looking for best seating solution then Highmoon is the perfect place for that.

Office Furniture and Work Productivity

Do you know, the work environment and facilities provided to workers has a great impact on productivity? From these 20 years, working atmosphere, method and even the designs and placement of office furniture has a drastic change. In order with the change of technology, the designs of office furniture like a cubicle, executive desk, conference table, reception desk and lobby area furniture, and accessories related to office furniture have also changed. On keeping all this in mind, Highmoon Furniture put the best efforts to provide the world’s best office furniture collection, which will definitely help you to make a fabulous office workspace and thus increase the productivity.

Steps to select Office Furniture for a workspace?

1. Check how much office space you have?

2. How many people need workspace?

3. What all office sections are there?

4. What theme your office needs?

5. Color and design that suits your interior.

6. Your Budget

7. Quality and Durability of furniture

Have a layout of office space you have with exact measurement

The interior place is a must to save space and utilize space effectively in an office space. So take the exact measurements of the office and have a clear picture of the official site. This will help you to arrange and design furniture as per the size you have. You can also make furniture that fits in each corner of the office and thus helps in selecting l shaped desk with right or left return desk. The measurement of office space will also help you to divide each office sections and rooms effectively.

Office Furniture in Dubai


Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Each and every day more than 20 new startups and offices have emerged in Dubai. So as the need for office furniture in Dubai also. The increase in requirement for office furniture has made this land the most appropriate place to start office furniture manufacturing and supplying business. So day by day new office furniture supplying companies are also set up.

How to find the best office furniture supplier in Dubai, UAE


Finding the best office furniture suppliers are currently the toughest part in Dubai. There are more chances for you to be misled by some of the new startups and get highly quoted prices and to get quality-less products. So, we will give you some tips to find the best office furniture company.

  1. Make sure the company has years of experience in this field.
  2. Check if the company has a designer facility that can make office furniture designs according to your needs.
  3. The company should manufacture office furniture by themself.
  4. Make sure they deliver the furniture in a timely manner.
  5. Do they install the furniture on your site by themselves?
  6. Check whether they have after-sale services.
  7. Also check what is the duration of the guarantee period the company provides to the furniture.
  8. Check the reviews of the company to find customer feedback.

Highmoon Furniture is one of the top manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers of office furniture in Dubai. We have been in this field for almost 2 decades dealing with the manufacturing and supplying of office furniture in UAE and all over the middle east. We provides a whole turnkey office furniture service that covers interior fit-outs, office flooring, and office furniture.

Highmoon Team

Our team has an expert team of 5 designers who will be in charge to design high-end modern office furniture. One can find mind-blowing office furniture designs on our website designed by our highly talented designers. We are also providing on-time custom-made designs according to customer requirements. Our team visits the site and takes the measurements of available space and the needs of clients, the color requirement, and designs furniture that will meet up in their budget.

We have our own office furniture manufacturing unit with all modern equipment where we can make custom-made office furniture with high quality and timely manner. Highly experienced workers and quality check in each stage to make sure that each of our products has perfect quality and has a high finish.

As we have high-end machinery at our manufacturing unit we can bulk produce office furniture within a short time. And we also have a special team who handles the delivery of products keeping data sheets with the promised delivery time. The team makes sure that we manufacture, and deliver the products before or within the promised time.

Delivery Team

After delivery, our team is also responsible for installing the products at the site. Products that are needed to assemble are perfectly done and the team leaves only after making sure the site is clean and neat.

Trust us that you can use our products for life. We give a guarantee of 5 years for custom-made office furniture in written format but in case of any maintenance work, you can approach us.

We are also providing after-sale services in case of any maintenance or extra fitting to add on to the furniture. The quality makes HM the perfect place to buy office furniture in Dubai. As we make sure our customers are 100% satisfied they leave the best reviews for us on google. Once you have purchased furniture from HMF you will never opt for another company. Our customers always come back to us in case of another requirement and also suggest us to others in need of Furniture.

In short, if you looking for the best office furniture suppliers in Dubai then you are at the right place.

Highmoon will be the best and perfect option to make your furniture needs to be fulfilled within the best price range and quality. As we are the manufacturer we supply furniture to other furniture dealers in UAE. As we can provide office furniture at a wholesale rate you will be getting furniture at the lowest price in the Dubai market from us.

Shop online and get the best office furniture in Dubai at a cheap price is our e-commerce office furniture store where you can buy the best quality office furniture at the best price. With more than 600+ varieties of products in different sizes, colors, and design options we have the best collection of a to z office furniture on our website. From economic collection which has the lowest price to high-end modern office furniture, you can browse our website.

Modern Office Furniture in Dubai

Highmoon Furniture has a stylish and high-end collection of modern office furniture in Dubai, UAE. Clean, neat, and sleek designs are adopted in designing modern office furniture. And the main specialty is light weight, size, and less price than traditional office furniture. Incorporating the latest technologies and ergonomic features in office furniture is done in keeping the aim of increasing the productivity of employees and increasing the style of office space.

Highmoon Furniture Supplier offers top-quality modern office furniture in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, everywhere in the UAE and different areas of Nigeria, Ethiopia. Our Office furniture Dubai store intends to give top-quality office furniture everywhere in the UAE, regardless of whether you need reasonable furnishings or lavish ones, you will hope to get everything from our easily completed scope of items. For the best collection, you can contact our Dubai office furniture store.

Elite Collection of Office Furniture 

We have a wide range of exclusive collections of desks, workstations, chairs, sofa sets, and storage cabinets as well as complete office furniture.

Highmoon Furniture provides from time to time the best proposals to our customers, and you will see all the exclusive range of office furniture from us, regarding sizes and cabinets in various designs of shapes and styles.

Highmoon consistently satisfies customers’ necessities persistently dependent on the plan, material, size, and shade of items. We initially examine the area of your office and give office furniture in the UAE to coordinate it with the workplace climate. Besides, we give modern, customized, and lightweight furniture items, we generally ensure that every one of the furniture pieces you purchase gives a positive vibe and has an advanced look. You can pick our online office furniture Dubai store for the best Furniture.

Professional Furniture Manufacturer in Dubai

We have expertise in the trend and supply of conference or meeting tables under various classifications, for example, oval meeting tables, square shape meeting tables, square gathering tables, and round meeting tables. We recommend to you the most ideal meeting table plan, as indicated by the usefulness and the general feel of your office space.

Here at Highmoon, we guarantee that your office furniture is the thing that you need as far as colors, themes, size, and material. We likewise give customized furniture to fulfill your requirements and office space. Highmoon is the best office furniture provider in Dubai and gives reaction and free delivery everywhere in the UAE.

Custom Made Office Furniture in Dubai

Designing and making furniture is an art. And our artists are specialized in making and delivering custom made office furniture in Dubai, all over UAE and Middle East. For making your dream office into reality, you only required is just to show us your office

space. Our sales team will visit your office space and take the required measurements and collect your requirements like the furniture you required, the number of people to accommodate, the color theme, the design you liked, the budget you have, etc. According to that our designer will draw each furniture layout with dimensions and color on it.

After your approval, only this layout or 3d drawing will be forwarded to our production house and from there this office furniture is custom made. Quality checking will be done on each stage and made sure it is damage free. The bespoke office furniture will be delivered on or before the date that is mentioned in the quotation. Turnkey office furniture projects are also executed by Highmoon Furniture.

Buy Online Full Set Office Furniture in Dubai

If you need to buy office furniture online in UAE just visit our website and shop online at the best available price. But if you are looking for custom made office furniture and require special customization then please contact us at Toll-

free 800-44-6666

|  043869693


Our Premium Office Furniture Products

Desk and Tables

  • Office Economic Desks
  • Office Manager Desks
  • Executive Tables
  • CEO Tables and High-End Chairs.
  • Engineers Tables
  • Economic Tables
  • Simple Reception Desks.
  • Marble Reception Desk.
  • Reception Desk and Lobby Seating.
  • Modern Reception Desk.
  • Contemporary Reception Desks.
  • Round Small Meeting Tables.
  • Large Round Meeting Tables.
  • Board Room Tables.
  • Conference Tables.
  • Oval Conference Tables.
  • Coffee Tables.
  • Center and Corner Tables.
  • Computer Tables.


  • CEO Office Chairs.
  • Executive Chairs.
  • Ergonomic Office Chairs.
  • Staff Chairs.
  • Visitor Chairs.
  • Meeting Room Chairs.
  • Dining Room Chairs.
  • All kinds of PU Leather Chairs.
  • Genuine Leather Chairs.
  • Office Sofa Sets with Genuine Leather.
  • Office Sofa Sets with PU Leather.
  • Custom Made Sofas.
  • Soft Lounge Seating.
  • Lounge Room Seating Arrangement
  • Reception Back Wall Design
  • High Bar Stools.
  • High Dining Chairs.
  • Dining Chairs.
  • Fabricated Workstations.

Storage Cabinets

  • Wall Cabinets
  • File Cabinets
  • Long File Cabinets
  • Customize Wall Cabinet
  • Small Credenza
  • Large Credenza
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Pantry Cabinets
  • Showcase Racks
  • Office Products Display Cabinets


  • Office Workstations.
  • Wooden Workstation.
  • L-Shape Office Workstations.
  • Office Cubicles.
  • Straight Workstation.
  • Face To Wall Workstation.
  • Face To Face Workstations.
  • Height Adjustable Workstations.
  • Sit-Stand Workstations.
  • Ergonomic Workstations


  • Sofa Chair
  • Arm Sofa
  • Leisure Sofa
  • Lounge Sofa
  • Premium Sofa


  • Laminate flooring
  • Carpet flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Wall Paper Works
  • Wall Claddings

Modern office furniture UAE

We do very beautiful and very comfortable unique office furniture. We focusing UAE and Middle East Market to establish our products. Highmoon Furniture gives a free consultation to our customers. Site Visit, making floor plan gives the right advice to the customer, we help to choose furniture design and colors and also advise the customer, matching other color concepts to build a very unique and beautiful office.

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