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The office furniture market in Dubai is expected to record a positive CAGR (COMPOUND ANNUAL GROWTH RATE) for the latest years so as the demand for Office Furniture In Dubai. Lately, as so many business opportunities are boomed and therefore so many offices also have been opened or renovated. More than that Co-working and flexible workspaces are emerging as a rising trend across the commercial real estate sector in UAE, especially in DUBAI.  In addition, the existing companies are also expected to provide additional co-working spaces and flexible office facilities.

For instance, currently, Dubai has 53 co-working locations, which indicates a growth of nearly 130% since 2015. Dubai has around 650,000 square feet of flexible and co-working spaces. This rise in new business places, new offices, and new co-working and flexible offices is likely to drive the demand for

Highmoon furniture is one of the leading custom-made office furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all over UAE.

One-stop solution for all needs of office furniture in Dubai

We have a wide range of different types of office furniture from the lowest economic range to high-end ergonomic ones. Especially following items.

  • This is a unique structured desk for the computer with the height and drawer adjusted to suit the need of the computer user.
  • Single pedestal and double pedestal desks are needed for the secretaries of the executives.
  • These desks are designed to the individual taste and are designed as showpieces of organization for the purpose to impress the visitors with the prestige and importance of the persons using them.
  •   these desks are designed to meet the need of different machines which have an important place in the office. For example; Xerox, guillotine machine, duplicating machine, etc.
  • Mesh office chairs:-
  • Mesh office chairs are specially made for the users who tend to sweat a lot while working. The cushioned seat and backrest are lined with net-like fabric materials. So sweat has absorbed the fabric immediately when it comes out from the body of the user.

Leather Chair Dubai

  • Leather office chairs:–   leather office chairs are mainly made of leather-type materials especially the seat and back of the chairs. You will get mainly 3 types of leather office chairs
  • Genuine leather office chairs:- this type of chair is somewhat expensive as it gives guarantee such as comfort, durability, and aesthetics.
  • Bonded leather office chairs:-  Bonded leather is made by bonding leather byproducts with polyurethane.  This is cheaper than genuine leather. So chairs also get with a low a price.
  • Polyurethane leather office chairs : I don’t contain components but their appearance and feel are just like real leather
  • Executive office chairs:-   This is the most opulent one out of various types of office chairs. As the name implies this type of chair is made mainly for the use of executive officers in the office. It is typically made of superior materials and designed with plenty of cushioning in the back, seat, headrest, and hand rest.
  • Ergonomic office chairs:- These chairs support each part of our body with ergonomics and give comfortable and healthy seating for long hours.
  • Workstations

Office workstations are one of the most wanted office furniture in everyone’s office. Modular workstations are made as single workstation desks and also clusters. Clusters make the combination of 2 or more workstations together by combination of linear and face-to-face.

  • Tables

Conference and meeting tables, dining tables, training tables, and coffee and center tables are the lists of tables that are included in office furniture.

Buy High-End Modern Office Furniture Online in Dubai, UAE

At Highmoon Furniture we have a wide collection of the best office furniture in Dubai with different varieties and color options. You can buy office furniture online at the lowest price. We guarantee fast delivery and a 5-year warranty for all furniture.

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