Genuine Leather


Derived from the lower layers of the hide, Genuine leather showcases the top grain on its outer surface, ensuring quality remains at the forefront. While the appearance can vary due to the ability to split the hide into different levels, Genuine leather maintains its inherent charm. It may sometimes incorporate leather scraps and artificial materials, providing flexibility in both appearance and composition. As a result, it becomes a preferred choice for front surfaces and visible areas of chairs. Enjoy the benefits of a rich and exquisite material that requires only basic care, offering a timeless appeal and a breathable, flexible seating experience.


Key Features:


  • Natural durability with minimal care required

  • Rich and exquisite appearance, reflecting its logical higher price point

  • Versatile leather look at a great value

  • Breathable and flexible for enhanced comfort


PU Leather


PU leather, also known as polyurethane leather, is crafted from a thermoplastic polymer, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an animal-free alternative. Some variations, like bicast leather, feature a layer of polyurethane coating on top of actual leather, repurposing leftover cowhide fibers from genuine leather production. The polyurethane coating gives the material an embossed texture, simulating the look of aged real leather.


Key Features:


  • Affordable luxury

  • Easy maintenance

  • Versatile option

Exploring the Versatility of PU Leather Upholstery at Highmoon Office Furniture


At Highmoon Office Furniture, we prioritize both versatility and customer satisfaction when it comes to upholstery options. That’s why we choose to use PU leather for our furniture upholstery. PU leather offers a range of benefits and allows us to cater to our customers’ specific texture preferences.


PU leather provides a versatile solution for upholstery, offering the desired texture and appearance without the use of animal products. Crafted from a thermoplastic polymer, it offers an animal-free alternative that appeals to those seeking a cruelty-free option. The polyurethane coating gives the material an embossed texture, simulating the look of aged real leather.


We recognize that customers have different preferences when it comes to upholstery. Some may prefer the luxurious and natural durability of genuine leather, while others appreciate the affordability and easy maintenance of PU leather. By offering PU leather upholstery, we provide a versatile option that meets various customer needs and wants.


Our PU leather upholstery not only offers an affordable luxury but also requires minimal maintenance. It is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your furniture stays in pristine condition for years to come. Additionally, PU leather is a versatile option that can be used in a variety of furniture styles, allowing us to cater to different design aesthetics and preferences.


At Highmoon Office Furniture, we understand the importance of providing quality materials that enhance the overall experience of our furniture. That’s why we choose to use PU leather for upholstery, as it offers versatility, texture, and a cruelty-free alternative for our valued customers.

Essential Tips for Leather Maintenance and Cleaning


  • Handle with care and caution when cleaning to prevent damage.

  • Quickly remove water-soluble stains using a clean, soft cloth or sponge dampened with lukewarm water.

  • Regularly clean and dust by gently vacuuming with a soft brush and wiping with a clean, damp cloth.

  • Take care to clean and wipe the leather gently to avoid harming the protective coating.

  • Use leather conditioner on a regular basis to keep the leather nourished and supple.

  • Apply cleaner sparingly, avoiding excessive soaking of the leather.



Please note that leather grading for Highmoon Office Furniture is based solely on the seating surface material. Other surfaces or components, such as the sides and back, may be covered with different grades of leather. We would like to emphasize that leather is a natural material, and as such, slight variations in color, texture, and imperfections may be present. These characteristics should not be mistaken for flaws, as they contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of each item. Highmoon Office Furniture has taken great care to provide accurate product descriptions and ensure that the product information is correct. However, please be aware that differences in lighting sources during photography or variations in device screen settings may impact the appearance of colors. Because of this, we are unable to guarantee that the color you see on your screen will be an exact match to the actual color of the ordered product.

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