Our furniture measuring service

Want help measuring your office ahead of delivery?

We’re able to offer a pre-measuring service for a flat fee through our delivery partner, Duo.

You can also contact our support team here if you have any further questions or read our tips below on how to accurately self-measure your space before delivery.

The first walk-through

Measure the area where you plan to put your item, considering any fixed widths that might cause obstructions. We suggest doing a walk-through prior to delivery, from the delivery truck, to the chosen area in your office.

Measure Your Office Space:

Accurately measure the dimensions of your office space, including length, width, and height. Account for obstructions such as doors, windows, outlets, and vents. These measurements will determine the appropriate size of your furniture.

Assess Workflow and Functionality:

Consider how your office furniture will support your workflow and meet functional requirements. Determine the specific tasks you and your employees will perform and how the furniture will facilitate those activities. Choose furniture that aligns with your needs for an efficient and productive work environment.

Account for Clearance Space:

By accurately measuring your office space, considering workflow and functionality, prioritizing ergonomics and comfort, and accounting for clearance space, you can ensure that the office furniture fits perfectly within your workspace.

Assess Storage Needs

Storage is a vital consideration in any office space. Evaluate your storage requirements before selecting furniture. Will you need filing cabinets, shelves, or bookcases? Ensure that the dimensions and capacity of the storage units are appropriate for your needs. If space is limited, consider furniture pieces with built-in storage solutions to optimize the available area.

Future Expansion and Flexibility

While choosing office furniture, it is important to think about your long-term plans. Will your team grow in the future? Will you need to rearrange or reconfigure the office layout? Select furniture that can accommodate these changes. Modular or adjustable furniture options can provide the flexibility to adapt to future needs without the need for significant replacements.

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