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The office furniture plays an important role to increase the efficiency and elegance of the workspace. Highmoon office furniture is the reputed manufacturer company of online office furniture Dubai. We are doing office furniture and office interior services for more than ten years and have a reputed name in this industry and offer a more than thousands of high-quality modern luxury office furniture online in Dubai.

Our luxury furniture collections will bring more clients and customers. Nowadays, the demand for luxury furniture collections is increased, because uncomfortable seating posture will affect productivity, and at the same time, it will cause some health issues. Our vast collections of modern office furniture offer the comfort zone to the employees in the working place and make the employees motivated and dedicated to the work.

The workers are spending most of their time in office and doing their work in the same body posture. It will cause some physical problems and work stress. Every worker needs ergonomic office furniture for their comfortability and avoids a lot of physical and mental issues.

Are You Looking For A Luxury Online Office Furniture Store In Dubai?

Getting the most elegant office furniture with premier quality and reasonable price is not easy for you. In the market, a lot of office furniture providers are available in both online or offline. But you will not get the best quality and best price in all the places. Our Dubai online office furniture collection is the best option for your furniture seeking to fulfill all your requirements, specification, and your budget price. The well-equipped office interior makes a classy atmosphere to a decent status in the minds of visitors and imitates the innovative of your brand. The better office atmosphere will change the employee’s mindset as very positive and motivated. The dull and dark working space makes a negative thought about work and office to the workers. The better luxury office atmosphere will impress you the clients as well as employees.

Full Set Office Furniture

Your office furniture makes your office interior look very professional and luxury. Everyone expects the neat, clean, and decent working atmosphere. Our Dubai online office furniture collections give an attractive and qualified look at your office and impress everyone at the first look. The classy and beautiful atmosphere will impress the clients and make it easy to drag more customers. The member of staff devotes most of the period in the workplace. A lot of the employees are suffering in a workspace that is not well designed, and we make do with all that furniture has enough money for us so that the expert provides a personalized workspace, useful and intelligently engineered office furniture to make all the changes in business productivity and overall effectiveness.

The High-Quality Office Furniture Online Dubai – Affordable, Modern, Contemporary

If you are ready to Buy Office Furniture Online Dubai it takes more time and risk to you. Finding a suitable and quality office furniture store in the market is very difficult. Highmoon’s office furniture is the best solution for all kinds of office furniture seeking. We have huge options of office furniture solutions including a conference table, workstation, coffee table, executive desk, workstation, reception desk, lounge chairs, pedestal storage, etc.,

The luxury office furniture is a crucial part of every office workspace. It is essential for your clients as well as your employees. Each piece of furniture will make productivity to all the areas of your office, such as a reception area, conference hall, executive room, leisure room, and workspace. Every kind of office work is not complete without the furniture, so when you buy office furniture online Dubai, you must consider some of the things before purchasing the furniture such as office space, worker’s requirements, interior decoration, storage space.

The Suitable Office Furniture Collections – Elegant, Stylish, Ergonomic

Your new office furniture must be suitable for your office space. Otherwise, it will occupy a lot of areas or look unsuitable for space. So you should consider your office space and fulfill your office with suitable and ergonomic office furniture. The furniture requirements depend upon the workers working style and comfortability. The working style and way are not the same for all the employees. Some of the employees want to work in private, and some of them want to work in collaboration with each other. So furniture requirements also differ.

Every employee is the backbone of business development. So you must invest the money to provide suitable and comfortable office furniture for your employees. When your employees feel the employer care about them, they will show full involvement and hard work to develop their business. Next, you should consider your office interior design because your office furniture is suitable for your office decoration ideas; otherwise, it will not look like a perfect office setup. And then the storage space also crucial for every office furniture.

The furniture must have a space for storing a critical file, stationery items, printer, fax machine, mobile, etc., your furniture wants to fulfill all the storage requirements. We are offering various kinds of office furniture custom made, customized furniture, executive furniture, luxury, modern and bespoke office furniture collections. Our sales team and customer team always ready to provide quality services to our clients.


Is office furniture an asset?

Office furniture is an important requirement for running a business from premises. It really doesn’t matter if you have got one or two members of staff or 40 – they’re going to need somewhere to sit down, somewhere to figure from, like a desk, and somewhere to stay any items they will need.

This office equipment is an asset to your business — a long-term investment that may depreciate over the following years. the speed at which it depreciates varies greatly. Some equipment is made to last longer than others, and in some cases… well, it simply works out that way!

What is office furniture depreciation?

Everything depreciates and, at some point, will need replacing. An office chair and a desk reach a stage where they’re not suitable purpose, and offices come to a stage where they have the good thing about renovation or a refit.

Factoring during a depreciation schedule will allow you to stay track of costs and therefore the profitability of your business year-on-year. Estimate how long your office equipment will last and its likely rate of decline and record the knowledge, remembering to stay it regularly updated.

Some of the united arab emirates manufactured furniture ranges we supply and have supplied over the years, we still see in use, within the correct environment, 20 to 30 years after they were purchased, but some products only have a 12-month warranty from new.
Depending on your need or budget tends to dictate how long it lasts. Much of the preloved furniture we sell is between two and fifteen years old, so its longevity depends on its age.

Can you claim office furniture on tax?

Depreciation will lower your profit margins but might also have the advantage of reducing your account. Consumables like your stationery is also deducted from your account – but only during the year within which you acquire them. It’s worth remembering that for many companies, only fixed assets is depreciated.
It’s also worth repeating the news we brought you earlier this year concerning the tax changes unveiled by the govt to encourage spending. The introduction of a super-deduction now means benefits and savings for businesses in respect of qualifying “plant and machinery investments” – a category which has desks and chairs bought for offices.

The changes mean limited companies can claim a 130% super-deduction capital allowance on furniture bought between April 1st this year and March 31st 2022 – effectively reducing their account by 24.7% of the quantity they need invested in furniture and other qualifying assets.

Highmoon is prepared, willing, and ready to facilitate your meet your piece of furniture requirements. We are happy to speak through your needs over the phone or would be delighted to welcome you to our Al Quoz Industrial Area Showroom – or come and visit you to debate requirements if it’s an oversized project.
Our expertise has been accumulated over nearly 50 years of serving businesses across the country, and that we would like to share those benefits with you!

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