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About Highmoon Furniture

With one of the biggest furniture manufacturing units in UAE, we provide you with the UAE’s finest furniture and customized design choices. Our ever-expanding network of showrooms across UAE offers you exhaustive options of ready furniture and limitless customization options.

Being the No. 1 customized furniture store in Dubai and the Emirates, Highmoon offers solutions for every need and requirement of ready or bespoke furniture. Since our inception, over the last several years we have been providing furniture to a variety of Happy and Satisfied Customers which include Home Furniture, Office furniture, School Furniture, Educational Furniture and Retail Furniture (Furniture for Retail Segment).

Our vast range of furniture for the office includes adjustable height desk, Back support chairs, Conference tables, Meeting Room Chairs, Reception Desks, Bespoke Executive Desk and the best Carpet Tiles supply and installation. We also specialize in top range executive furniture including Customized Executive Desks, Office Storage, and Executive Chairs.

Highmoon Furniture Dubai also offers the best ergonomic chairs which are high-quality chairs and very comfortable to sit and work for long hours. As one of the biggest suppliers of Ergonomic Office Chairs in the Emirates, Highmoon ensures that the chairs long lasting and reliable also. Our own metal works and manufacturing along with regular big orders from Happy Customers ensure that we supply the latest chairs with a lot of variety and cheap prices to our customers in the entire UAE. Highmoon chairs are thus the best balance of ergonomic chairs which are comfortable and cheap chairs along with unmatched reliability across the entire Dubai and UAE.

This makes us the top furniture store in Dubai and UAE.


With a High Happy Customer Index, Highmoon Furniture being the best furniture store in Dubai offers the following products and services:

Height adjustable desk :

Highmoon Office Furniture provides the Best Office Furniture in Dubai. It includes Height adjustable Desk which is both standard ready-made and customized. Height adjustable desk is one of the requirements in office furniture wherein a customer demands office desks in which height adjustment can be made as per the user requirement temporarily on site and by himself.

Highmoon Height adjustable desk provide the unique flexibility to the client and the user to do it all by himself in the office or at the comfort of his home without the cumbersome effort of using any special skill or tools.

We provide Height adjustable desks with a simple mechanism that any person can use to increase or decrease the height of the desk for usage. Highmoon Height adjustable desk come in various shapes and sizes and can be customized as per client requirement to fit the size and layout of their office and space.

Come to visit our showroom the best furniture store in Dubai to get a Height adjustable desk of your choice and shape – standard size or custom made for you!

Airport, Auditorium and Public Seating Chairs:

Highmoon also supplies public seating for airports and passenger terminals. Our Airport Public Seating Chairs are both comfortable and sturdy enough for years of use. With our own metal fabrication unit, We are specialized in the production of public chairs and ensure the quality of the product. We choose good materials to manufacture all our products including Airport Public Seating Chairs and our design represents the mainstream aesthetic trends. In addition to Airport Public Seating Chairs, we also specialize in public chairs (airport chair, auditorium chair, transfusion chair, training chair, office sofa, leisure sofa, etc.). This provides a complete solution for Airport Seating including Public seating and Executive Seating solutions.

As part of our Perfect management system, we have the advanced and complete set of the product line and good service attitude towards customers.

Also, we ensure Reasonable prices because we manufacture good quality products with low cost, thus ensuring both peace of mind and satisfaction to the Customer. Auditorium Seating:

An important aspect in any venue is regarding the choice of auditorium seating. It should always be carefully chosen with due consideration to the intended purpose of the building – the type of events and performances to be held there.

Regardless of whether it is for a conference facility, theatre or corporate auditorium, the design that the Auditorium Seating embodies carries the essential elements of attracting events & visitors and maximizing the revenue potential of your venue.

The visitor experience is always greatly enhanced by the overall aesthetics, optimal comfort, ease of access and most importantly, a clear and unobstructed view while being seated. Additionally, auditorium chairs should be attractive, comfortable and functional.

Considering above Highmoon Auditorium Seating not only gives detailed attention and consideration to capacity and sightlines, we also work with you to achieve the right balance between aesthetics, ergonomics, and comfort – providing you with an optimal Auditorium Seating solution.

Highmoon Furniture Store Dubai provides Quality Auditorium Seating solutions which include both Fixed Seating & Spectator Seating. We have a complete set up for manufacturing our own range of fixed auditorium seating and provide high-quality seats for a multitude of venues.

As part of our Auditorium Seating solution we are proud to provide the quality, comfort, and selection you need to ensure that you hold your audience’s complete attention and they remain comfortable throughout the show.

We offer a wide array of Auditorium Seating products, along with options and arrangements for theatres, educational buildings, universities, corporations, civic venues, and more.

Whether you choose retractable, tiered or removable seating, staging or grandstands, we custom design, manufacture and install a bespoke Auditorium Seating solution to perfectly fit your venue.

Banquet chairs:

The banquet chairs from our Highmoon are the perfect balance of elegance and comfort. Featuring pleasing aesthetics and comfortable cushions, these convention chairs are a great conference seating and convention seating solution.

Highmoon Banquet Chairs are sturdy, reliable chairs that look great at any event or venue! Our Banquet chairs come in a large variety of options and you are sure to find a style that fits your requirement. With very less footprint during storage these quick-ship Banquet Chairs are stackable; which means that you save valuable floor space.

Not only are these stacking banquet chairs space-savers, they are also easy to transport on a dolly or stacking chair cart! Banquet dining chairs are perfect for hotels, restaurants, conference halls, and all types of wedding venues.

These dining chairs aka Banquet Chairs come in a myriad of styles, frames, patterns, and colors. Banquet Chairs from Highmoon are delivered fully assembled directly to your door.


Bar stools:

Want to have breakfast in style or fancy the comfort of sitting on around your kitchen island while gossiping with your friends in the comforts of your home? You can now get your very own Bar Stool to sit across that open kitchen countertop and enjoy your breakfast. Come noon and the same place can be transformed into your chit-chat hub. All of this is possible just by getting a multi-talented Bar Stool for yourself to enjoy the wonderful cafe or pub experience at Home.

At Highmoon Furnitures, our bar stools come in a variety of colors, seat and frame materials to suit your individual needs for any Home. Choices include stools which are adjustable, lightweight, come assembled, have back and footrests, plus more. With many stools available in both Kitchen counter and Bar height, our bar stools cater for a variety of uses that you make have!

Apart from kitchen stools we also stock bar stools and counter stools. Though you’d imagine stool chairs are backless and armless, we have a number of options in our modern bar stools that are as plush and comfortable as a chair. With free shipping and attractive deals available to you on in Highmoon, there is no need to look elsewhere for Bar Stools!

Bespoke Furniture:

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your executive office, you’ve come to the right place. Our range of the best bespoke executive desks can be custom made to your requirements of space and utility. Whether you want something traditional and elegant or contemporary and cutting-edge, we can work with you to create a truly impressive executive desk to suit your personal tastes.

While customized executive desks are one of our best offerings; predominantly, our expertise covers much more – including bespoke receptions counters, boardroom furniture (tables, credenzas, media walls), executive desks and modular tables.

Highmoon’s reputation for excellence in Bespoke Furniture is the result of exceptional service, craftsmanship, and design. Our ideology and passion for creating the best quality pieces of office furniture demand that we only select the finest German materials, painstakingly crafting our products without compromise.

As part of our continuous endeavour to provide the best of the bespoke furniture to the client be it executive desk, boardroom furniture or customiZed reception counters; we employ a passionate, dedicated team of designers, craftsmen, and client relationship professionals, committed to producing sustainable furniture and best of the services that deliver incredible value and satisfaction to the Client.

It’s our zeal of perfectionism and quality service that makes us the Best Bespoke Office Furniture Company in UAE and Dubai!

Best Carpet Tiles:

When you’re buying new carpet tiles, it can be difficult to compare one product to another and determine the best carpet tiles for your specific needs. Unfortunately, there’s a big difference in quality between best carpet tiles and their competition, in terms of their performance, aesthetics, and durability.

And whenever you find yourself in a fix.. there is a simple solution. Leave it to the experts!

Highmoon Furniture is one of the only companies in Dubai and the UAE that has been doing office interior (Carpet Tiles) along with Furniture manufacturing for a long time. And with a long experience in Office fit out, we assure you to give the best of the Carpet Tile solution for your office needs.

Our Carpet tile solutions are long-lasting and durable which are able to withstand regular use and high levels of foot traffic. This ensures that the Carpet tiles installed by us look nice and do not wear out even after years of use.

As part of our Carpet tiles solution, we firmly believe that the best carpet tiles are the ones which maintain the aesthetics of the office plus they are also cost-effective for maintenance.

Highmoon carpet tiles are carefully chosen and installed to ensure that they resist dirt, wear and tear. This makes them easier to maintain with regular cleaning, rather than requiring extensive, frequent stain removal to keep them looking as-new.

So, for any kind of Carpet Tile need, just visit Highmoon Furniture Store and get the best carpet tiles that will make a noticeable improvement to both the look and feel of your space, control noise levels, and temperature, and even increase the comfort of your space.

Best educational furniture Dubai:

With happy and satisfied Clients across the UAE and Dubai, Highmoon Furniture provides you the best Educational Furniture in the Emirates. With quality and comfort as our philosophy, we work closely with educational institutions be it Schools or Colleges to provide the best Educational Furniture to you.

With a long experience of having delivered best Educational Furniture to a wide range of customers across UAE, our team of Customer Relationship Professionals, designers and craftsmen understand each and every need of the educational sector in detail. With their experience and practical insights, they work with you to create learning spaces that are comfortable, realistic, long-lasting and cost-effective.

Our in-house big team of over 100 craftsmen and designers are ever ready to provide you the best Educational Furniture. Also with our in-house capability to conceptualize, design and manufacture School and Educational Furniture from the scratch; we are able to give you any kind of customized best Educational Furniture for any number of quantities at best and cheap prices.

We use the best quality German materials and have in-house CNC machines, paint booths, and metal fabrication works to provide you with any kind of educational furniture solution that you require.

At Highmoon, we always believe that customer happiness is a result of quality at best prices and our Educational Furniture range is a testimony to that.

So for any of your need of cheap and best Educational Furniture, be it for schools, colleges, libraries, residence halls, student centers – come to Highmoon Furniture Dubai – the best furniture store and manufacturing unit in the Emirates.

Best ergonomic chairs:

You have doubtless heard it before, but it’s definitely true that if you spend long hours at a desk in front of a computer, it’s well worth spending some money on a good ergonomic chair that ensures you maintain good posture while working.

Sitting for extended periods of time on “normal” chairs can result in crippling stress to your spine and neck. It can also lead to the development of back pain, neck stiffness and affect the lumbar region.

This is where the best ergonomic chairs from Highmoon Furnitures come to the rescue. Office work is all about productivity and productivity comes from you comfortable you are while working at the office. And the Best ergonomic chairs from Highmoon ensure that you get “More productive working through better sitting”

Our ergonomic chairs offer a far better back-rest, head-rest, arm-rest adjustments and improved lumbar support compared to other equally priced chairs in the market. Some of our ergonomic chairs even come with adjustable lumbar support that can be moved up or down to cater to your lower back precisely.

With a wide variety of options to choose from ranging from the breathable mesh fabric to PU and Leather options, we are sure at Highmoon you will definitely find the ergonomic chair of your need.

As a volume manufacturer and supplier of office furniture to key companies and corporates across Dubai and UAE; we ensure that you get the best ergonomic chairs at best and cheap prices.

Plus you get the latest designs, wide array of colors and an exhaustive number of ergonomic chair designs to choose from.

So, don’t let your creativity and productivity suffer by sitting in the wrong office chair. Visit Highmoon Furnitures to get the best ergonomic chairs and get comfy!

Best Italian office furniture in Dubai:

Italian furniture is the best reflection of the status of its owner. And this applies to both domestic as well as to the office environment. Today, a stylish ergonomic Italian furniture can be seen in the offices of the heads of the most prestigious companies worldwide. This is not surprising!

The interior created using the Italian Furniture for the office actually becomes the real benchmark of the modern business style.

With the entrepreneurial vision of Mr. Kalamegam Natrajan, Highmoon Furniture is a leading company in the UAE and Dubai providing Italian office furniture for both standard and bespoke segment.

The company distinguished itself from its inception for its innovative industrial approach to manufacturing Italian office furniture in contrast to the small traditional artisan competitors typical of the sector.

This differentiator of ours enables us to convert every imagination of the customer into a real piece of Italian styled Furniture. And not only this, our own local manufacturing and a dedicated team of over 100 skilled craftsmen ensure that you get the best of the Italian Office furniture which is very cheap as compared to the competition and is also long-lasting and durable.

Modern furniture elements that are distinctive and characterized by exceptional quality and timeless elegance are the hallmarks of Highmoon Italian Office Furniture.

Apart from the Standard Italian Office Furniture which is ready-made; Highmoon has a dedicated team of Professional catering to the need of Bespoke Italian Office Furniture in customized furniture segment. The team is dedicated to complete turnkey projects for office furniture and is expert in the management and coordination of the most intricate and complex office projects, including the design and development of the right layout and furniture solution through to the logistics of supply and installation.

With the help of the above Highmoon serves across a wide range of sectors including hotel/hospitality, retail, offices and public institutions and provides the best of the Italian Office Furniture to the endless list of our happy and satisfied customers across UAE and Dubai

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