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Where You Could Buy The Luxury Vinyl Flooring In Dubai

Vinyl flooring is the best choice for your office and home flooring requirements. The vinyl flooring material gives an eye-catching and luxury look to your floor and impresses your clients, customers, and guest at first look. It comes from 100 percent synthetic materials and has two types: vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles. Vinyl flooring brings the real wood and tile looks to your flooring. The vinyl flooring has some main advantages that give comfort to your foot, easy to clean, water resistant, long-lasting quality and easy to install.

Highmoon’s Office Furniture is the best luxury office furniture and its offer the enormous collections of vinyl flooring in Dubai. we provide the high quality, unique and luxury flooring materials collections depending upon your budget and flooring ideas. The vinyl is ready from polyvinyl chloride resin with some another continent like plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments, and fillers. It is manufacturing in different processes and material compositions. the thickness differs from intentional use. Vinyl flooring has three parts fused together under great pressure as the base, the middle layer is décor paper and the top layer is UV coating can help to protect the flooring.

The vinyl flooring is robust and suitable for heavy foot traffic areas. Comparing to other flooring materials vinyl flooring is low expensive, reduce the noise during the walk which can be essential for heavy foot traffic areas like reception, waiting area, hotels, kitchen. It comes in huge collections of colors, pattern to suitable for your decorations. The sheet vinyl flooring is more water resistance, easy to install and the peoples mostly give the preference to vinyl tile which gives a ceramic tile look for your floor with very affordable prices.

Vinyl is the quick floor covering material and it provides comfort, sturdiness and longevity, sanitary and acoustic properties, style potentialities, easy maintenance, and environmental thought and it is the right choice of a busy environment and high traffic areas.

Office Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Dubai – Amazing Luxury Collection

We deliver high quality and luxury flooring collections in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, al ain, and Saudi Arabia. Our products are suitable for all places and satisfy the customer’s requirements and flooring ideas with the right budget price. The vinyl flooring usually more budget-friendly, easy to install, and water resistance. It’s suitable for any offices and any residential units.

Vinyl Flooring – Luxury, Comfort, Stylish

The vinyl sheets come in large rolls with 6 or 12 feet extensive, the installer will cut to install the floor. The vinyl sheet or resilient flooring is suitable for wet areas also like bathroom, kitchens and one of the budget-friendly flooring option for your floor. The vinyl tiles offer a lot of designs, styles and the tile flooring uses tiles of 9”*9” or 12”*12”. It looks like marble and another classic tiled flooring and used in a significant quantity of moisture area. Vinyl tiles are less price and top layer are comes with a layer of vinyl and covered with vinyl paint.

The luxury vinyl flooring is the new method of vinyl flooring in the market. The luxury vinyl flooring is the superb choice of your office and home. luxury vinyl flooring replicates any designs with the 3D technology. The luxury vinyl flooring is divided into two types luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks. The luxury vinyl tiles are designed to look like a slate and stone floor and it comes in square shapes. It is avoiding the scratches and stain on the floor. The vinyl planks come in rectangular shapes. It will install directly above the subfloor. Our product offers all the benefits of natural material without the practical drawbacks of real wood

Best Vinyl Flooring suppliers

We are the best vinyl flooring suppliers in Dubai. Our vinyl flooring is biological friendly which is 100% recyclable and guaranteed 10 to 15 years for the flooring prestigious look and longtime residential warranty. We manufacture luxury and unbeatable quality flooring material all over the UAE. Its maintain your flooring beauty and style. We have a million collection of flooring to decorating your office and home floorings. Now you are in the right place for choosing your exciting flooring collections with your affordable price. Definitely, our vinyl flooring gives a real wood, mosaic, tile finish in your office, home and any other your favorite places.

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