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High-Quality Luxury Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Being one of the top sheet vinyl flooring suppliers in Dubai, Highmoon Furniture has been concentrating both on cheap vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring to attract both high-end and economic customers. There are several advantages that help to keep vinyl flooring at its top position.

The long-lasting feature of vinyl flooring has a major role that keeps customers attracted to vinyl wood flooring. The style and the feel that vinyl flooring contributes to both office and house are very economical. As the need for vinyl flooring always keeps increasing Highmoon Flooring solution for latest varieties of sheet vinyl flooring.

Cheaper than Carpet Tiles and Hardwood in UAE

Over 12 years of being in the vinyl flooring supplying industry, we know the pulse of customers all over UAE. In-office, vinyl wood flooring is one of the best options for flooring as you can avoid the unnecessary expenses for carpet tiles caused by spending on carpet tiles cleaning purposes. As you can get cheap vinyl flooring compared to carpet and hardwood within your limited budget.

Bathroom Vinyl Flooring & Kitchen Vinyl Flooring for Residential Flooring

As vinyl wood flooring will give you the same effect of hardwood on look wise in your floor and is cheaper than hardwood, in residential purpose use of vinyl flooring is increasing day by Waterproof vinyl tiles are available, it can be used for bathroom flooring purposes. As vinyl flooring has a great luxury feel and both European culture and Arab culture are giving high priority to bathroom interiors, bathroom vinyl flooring is one of the fast-moving vinyl tiles in UAE and other GCC countries.

The strain-resistant feature of vinyl Flooring helps in making the cleaning easy and in need of less maintenance. Without any use of cleaning agents and detergents vinyl wood flooring can be cleaned with a simple wipe with cloths. As the glowness of the vinyl sheet is long-lasting, it keeps always as it is new. The roughness also helps in slipping due to water splits which promotes kitchen vinyl sheets in houses.

Vinyl Sheets, Planks and Tiles for Office Flooring

The soft layer that attaches under the vinyl sheet gives a stress relief effect on your body while standing and walking and thus by reducing the leg pain caused by long-standing on the floor. In some offices, there may be a need for a long time standing for employees. So by using a vinyl wood sheet one can ease out the pressure of an employee caused by long time standing.

But as in offices, there will be more use of office furniture. while repositioning furniture to reduce the damage by rough use on vinyl sheet flooring. Care should be taken to reduce the damage of vinyl as it’s softer than hardwood and carpets. By using pads under the furniture you can reduce the pits caused by high pressure on the vinyl sheet floor.

Get Up To 70% Off on Flooring at Highmoon

After reading this, want to buy vinyl flooring. You would definitely search for ‘vinyl sheet flooring near you in searches. Don’t worry we have a perfect solution for that. Highmoon Flooring has been manufacturing and supplying vinyl wood flooring in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all over UAE. And we are doing free delivery and installation of vinyl flooring all over the UAE. So don’t hesitate, hurry up to Highmoon and get the best deals and offers on vinyl flooring.

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