PVC Flooring

PVC Flooring

Luxury PVC Flooring at Cheap Price in Abu Dhabi

The biggest benefit of Highmoon’s PVC Flooring, Abu Dhabi is that they are one of the best and budget-friendly flooring options available till date. They are the most convenient type of flooring material in comparison with other forms such as wood, marble, ceramic, etc. The best part is that even our extravagant polyvinyl flooring is available at a cheap price when compared to other flooring materials available in the market. If you are looking for a stylish luxury flooring with utmost durability, it is certain that Highmoon’s PVC flooring in Abu Dhabi won’t disappoint you. You will enjoy the affordability not only at the time of purchase but also during the installation where it becomes a cost-effective and time saver installation option for your floors. Highmoon allows you to join this type of flooring together across different rooms without remitting additional professional installation costs. They can be installed over a sub-floor as well to guarantee extra protection to your floors. So, shall we take-up your order?

Water Resistant Easily Installable PVC Flooring, Abu Dhabi

As we explained earlier, the flooring installation of Highmoon’s PVC flooring, Abu Dhabi does not require the help of a professional expert. Firstly, the tiles are of very lightweight nature in comparison with the other alternative forms of flooring and are possible to easily move around. The installation options differ according to the kind of vinyl floor you have chosen. DIY kits are available for self-installation experts through which they can easily install the tiles over a day or even half a day by following the instructions in the manual accurately. However, taking into consideration the significance of a perfect finish for any time of flooring that requires the avoidance of ragged or uneven edges, it is highly recommended to employ a professional help while installing PVC or any other type of flooring in order to assure maximum installation perfection and uniformity of flooring. Highgmoon’s easily installable PVC flooring, Abu Dhabi permits the creation of some most beautiful patterns on your floor. In addition to the quality, durability, water-resistant property and ease of installation, Highmoon reminds you to make use of the extra loaded features of our PVC flooring that comes in the form of variety textures, patterns and designs that are imprinted on our stylish PVC tiles to enhance the royal look of your home or office space.

Stylish PVC Vinyl Flooring with Minimum Maintenance

Highmoon’s PVC flooring, Abu Dhabi come in small sizes (150mm, 225mm, and 305mm). one of the benefits of having small sized tiles is that in case of individual damage or repair, those single tiles can be easily replaced without affecting the installation in the rest of the room. This means that the maintenance cost of Highmoon’s durable PVC flooring is also significantly low. Thus, to furnish any type of space in your home or office, such as bathroom, kitchen, guest room, common hall, living room etc. Highmoon’s comfortable PVC flooring will be the most creative flooring option you will obviously prefer.

We all are aware of the fact that it is a basic instinct of the human body that it attracts static energy. Highmoon has introduced variants of PVC flooring, Abu Dhabi, that are anti-static by nature. This anti-static flooring derived from polyvinyl chloride can certainly keep you and your family free from static energy. This means that you can easily install cables below the PVC tiles without becoming further concerned about the safety of your family about getting harmfully affected by the static current passing from the floor beneath. Also, this concludes that our PVC flooring facilitates easy access to the wiring sections in the subfloors.

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