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Stylish Tile Look Vinyl Plank Flooring in Dubai, UAE

Highmoon’s tile looks vinyl plank flooring in Dubai is the most perfect flooring option that is on top priority in the flooring market as of now. Believe us, it is never a joke, seriously they are! Many furniture lovers are simply throwing away their traditionally designed carpets and putting down tile look vinyl planks for a cute wooden finish with tile look in their spaces. Highmoon’s stylish tile look vinyl plank flooring proves that you can get a wood-like flooring with the right finish, on the least expense and maintenance than it is required while purchasing and furnishing the floors with the real hardwood. Let’s put it this way if you have a family, kids, and even a pet, you don’t want to go before solid wood anymore. It will surely become rough and ugly over years under all that different types of stress. That’s where Highmoon’s tile look vinyl plank flooring gains importance.

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Highmoon’s vinyl flooring is one of the cheapest flooring solutions you can have at the lowest prices ever. Crafted with excellent quality, our vinyl flooring comes in sheets, which are easily installable in nature. They suit more on bathroom and kitchen floors. You can install it in any manner, according to the size and shape of the rooms you are planning to furnish.

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Why does the thickness of Highmoon’s tile look vinyl plank flooring in Dubai matter? Well, because it gets more and more strong and solidly built as it increases in thickness. Of course, every space is different in its unique ways and for your space, you may not need the thickest tile look vinyl plank always. Some of our thickest planks are exclusively meant for commercial use.

Well, Highmoon’s tile look vinyl plank flooring in Dubai has extra protective wear layers and this is what preserves our vinyl flooring from any type of hard scratches and deep stains. After numerous stories of customer satisfaction regarding the experience of using Highmoon’s tile look vinyl plank flooring in Dubai, our dearest customers have even formulated an equation that the mixture of thick vinyl and thick protective wear layer generates better quality and highest durability as the eventual positive results. When the planks with the tile look are fixed down via a drop click system, the floor receives more firmness and grip between every piece of vinyl, promising the best protection. However, if you decide to install Highmoon’s tile look vinyl plank flooring amidst the rough and busy life, then definitely selecting the thicker one is better. Putting it simply, the protective wear layer is basically a solid guard for your flooring solution.

Highmoon’s tile looks vinyl plank flooring is available across the UAE cities Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Sharjah, along with other GCC nationals such as Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Our main manufacturing unit is in Dubai.

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