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Sofa bed – A combination of both sofa and bed

Many of us may be using sofas for taking a small nap and for a small relaxation. But the size of the sofa may make us uncomfortable for doing so. There comes a need for a sofa bed. Sofa bed or sleeper sofa comes in different types and varieties. Mainly there are three types of sofa beds. Traditional pullouts, futons, and daybeds.

Types of multi-purpose sofa bed

Traditional pullout sofa sleeper is typically a sofa where the mattress is hidden inside the couch. These pullouts form the mattress to sleep. On purchasing hide a bed, be aware that you select a sofa which has thick cushions, otherwise you may feel uncomfortable to sleep.

Futons are basically sofa which can be unfolded to convert to a sofa bed. The position of the base will be fixed and the resting portion of the sofa can be unfolded to 180 degrees to form a bed- couch. These mainly help to save space and there is no complicated process for converting one for to another.

daybed is typically a bed than a sofa. The main use of daybeds is a bed, but you can also use it as a sofa with its outlook and shape.

Why people prefer sofa bed

Mainly sofa beds are used to save space and also for an extra bed which not a necessity. There may be situations like you have a guest and you have not enough space to put another bed, and you can’t make that guest slept in an air mattress. In such situations, a sofa bed is very useful. Anyway, you will have a sofa in your living room, choose a sofa bed instead of a typical sofa seating and overcome all your problems related to where to put your guest in the next time.

Don’t worry about the appearance of your sofa, we have stylish designs which will be ceremonious in your living room. 

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