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United Arab Emirates the country of dreams for everyone, is a federation formed by 7 individual emirates established on 2 December 1971. It’s a beautiful country with amazing landscapes and forms a visual treat for everyone. UAE is foremost in every field and since its inception has worked hard to bring education to the top level. As of now with 300 institutions all over the seven emirates it has achieved 90% literacy rate. The Market for Educational Furniture is vast with immense scope, which High Moon Furniture has tapped and has been able to rank up as the top school furniture manufacturer in UAE. High Moon Offers a wide range of products in a spectrum of colors schemes, which helps the school ambience to come to life. Furniture form the most important part of school accessories without which the school cannot function as High moon provides the best there is to give.

High Moon furniture has some of UAE’s top school furniture stores and showrooms. You can also browse through our various catalogues online and we will be happy to assist you via our social media platforms to provide you with whatever your requirements may be. You can choose from our many international standard deigns, match all the furniture to be color coded and also customize our designs to suit your needs better.

We offer you class room furniture, preschool and kindergarten furniture, library furniture, hostel furniture etc., which is crafted by our exceptionally talented designers, and skilled technicians to stellar quality and precision. Each High Moon Staff works with immense dedication to refine each piece of furniture to suit the taste and requirements of the client. As traditional shapes of furniture are now out dated we aim to make furniture of various shapes and sizes to stimulate the creativity and concentration of the students and teachers. The materials used to create our masterpieces are sourced from the most reliable vendors of the world and are of the highest quality. We aim at assisting the customers to choose what’s best suited for their setup and provide excellent customer service and after sales service. Warranty is available on all out products which makes us one of the top School Furniture manufacturers in UAE.

Top School Furniture in UAE

Kindergarten & Pre School furniture: Furniture in the kindergarten should support children’s sovereignty, in meeting their daily care needs and in carrying out their play and learning activities. Basic kindergarten furniture from High Moon includes tables and chairs for eatables, including Baby seats and high chairs as well as kid-size tables and chairs; cots, mats for some quick rest or nap; diapering table and storage for diapering supplies; and cabinets for storage of children’s personal items and creative work. Additional preschool furniture available facilitate specific types of activities such as easels for art activities, workbenches, and dramatic play furniture. We provide one of the best school furniture in UAE.

Classroom Furniture: A class room furniture has to be designed with care to enhance the posture and seating angles of students for a healthy concentration and efficiency. Class room furniture that we provide is classified as the top school furniture in UAE. Class room furniture includes chairs, desks, teachers chair & desk, Storage cabinets for the use of both students and teachers

Training Room Furniture: Training rooms are more commonly found in institutes which conduct either Vacation classes or advanced training to higher grade students. This type room is invariably furnished with movable stages, podiums and seating for the listening audience. High Moon can customize this kind of furniture to suit your color scheme and space available. Our designers can assist you with some of the best designs for school furniture in UAE.

Computer Tables: Computer Room furniture is slightly different from classroom furniture as they are stylized for the usage of computers and laptops. They come as elongated tables with clubbed seating to allow all the students to be able learn and access the gadget in front of them. High Moon is one of the best school furniture suppliers in UAE to source such versatile range of furniture.

Library Furniture: Library furniture comprises of shelves and racks for stacking books and seating and desking arrangements for the students to be able to read or take notes or find references. High moon can passionately provide advice and stacking options and trendy designs to make the otherwise boring library vibrant and cheerful.

Hostel Furniture: High Moon is one of the best school furniture companies in UAE, so it understands that for students hostels are as good as home. We design some of the most cozy and comfortable hostel furniture to make sure the students feel very much at home. Hostel Furniture usually comprises of bed sets, study table and storage cupboard for student possessions.

Canteen Furniture: Canteen furniture mainly comprises of elongated dining tables and seating, serving counters and support furniture for kitchen. We can help design the canteen furniture in way to make the place more space economic as well as furniture options of finishing which can give a stain free and easily cleanable approach. As the canteen tends to be easily stained and dirty due to food consumption in the area these kind of furniture will help main tin the cleanliness of the area better.

Auditorium Furniture: A school Auditorium has to have facilities for very many different activities and be capable of transforming quickly and as and when required. Auditorium furniture consists of furniture for seating in large quantity, along with stages and risers. Stages may be available in portable and fixed options. Seating options can be done with stackable chairs for space saving. We can help you customize the products as per your requirements and our installation team can fix it up for you flawlessly.

Lobby seating: Lobby is more of what gives the first impression about your institution, hence it’s important or you to keep you lobby furnished in style and comfort so that the parents and children visiting the place will be impressed. High Moon has an excellent understanding of school furniture in UAE and can provide splendid designs to make your lobby a visual pleasure to walk into.

Laboratory Furniture: Smart furniture opens up more opportunities, invariably laboratory furniture has to endure a lot of wear and tear due to the function it is being used for. Lab activities involve the usage of sharp objects and chemicals which eventually leads to the damage of the furniture. Since High moon Is best school manufacturer in UAE, we can assure you that the best of raw materials go into our product making it more durable and susceptible to the daily erosion.

File Cabinets and Student lockers: Be it students or be it Teachers everyone requires cabinets and lockers. High Moon offer a variety of cabinet designs which can be customized as per the requirement of the classroom, Staff room, Sports room etc. Plenty of color schemes are available to match with areas ambience. We can provide the customers with individual lockers, 2D, 3D, 4D filing cabinets, sliding door cabinets, filing drawer with lateral folders etc.

Executive Tables: With High Moon being leading furniture stores in office Furniture before we came to be known as top school furniture suppliers, our range of Executive tables is very vast. You can choose from our spectacular display of some of the finest Executive tables which will add value to management staff and display their prowess.


Chairs: Similar to Tables we can provide the customer with spellbinding array of chairs, you can choose from hundreds of samples from our website. High moon has one of the best school furniture showrooms and our ingenious craftsmen create glamorous ergonomic chair designs to make your work space not just a work space but a comfortable environment filled with luxury.

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