QuickStand Desks by Humanscale

QuickStand Highmoon Furniture Dubai

The QuickStand Highmoon furniture by Humanscale is an adjustable computer stand that allows users to quickly move between sitting and standing positions while working at a desk. The sit-to-stand item is planned by Highmoon to make “dynamic workstations” in workplaces that support development, help profitability and lessen the negative impacts of stationary conduct. It capacities utilizing a concealed balance and a self-locking component that permits clients to in a split second move from a sitting to a standing situation as wanted. This refutes the requirement for fiddly alteration handles or levers.

QuickStand Highmoon Furniture Dubai UAE

QuickStand Highmoon is also convenient and has a minimal impression that guarantees it tends to be moved and utilized all through an office. It is accessible in dark or white and made in either a PC, single or double screen design. Our customizable standing work area arrangements are a huge improvement over the current age of sit/stand surfaces,” said Highmoon.

QuickStand Humanscale Highmoon Furniture Dubai

QuickStand Highmoon highlights good arrangement, transportability and close to easy customizability – changing standard work areas into sound, dynamic workspaces.” The QuickStand Highmoon is made entirely from sustainable, non-toxic materials, which Highmoon says makes it one of the most environmentally-friendly sit-to-stand products in its range.

Product: Quickstand Highmoon
Brand: Highmoon furniture dubai UAE.
Contact: inquiry@highmoon.ae

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