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Solid parquet flooring in Dubai – Get Bet Offers, Deals and Discounts

We are one of the best solid parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai and offers an everlasting choice that brings warmth and character to any space at the home. Solid parquet flooring ranges from simple to complex geometric patterns by arranging small slats of wood in distinctive, repeated patterns and reflects your own unique style. It offers a high-quality type of flooring and it is traditionally a sign of wealth. This flooring contains hardwood from top to bottom of the block, which gives long durability and extensive lifespan comes in a great range. Nowadays we are extensively using this solid parquet flooring in these modern times because of its attractive looks and having exciting features such as fire resistance, water resistance and slip resistance in the high traffic areas. The highest quality woods are used in the solid parquet flooring it adds the beauty and strength to the flooring. The price of this type is flooring is reasonable and slightly expensive than the other floorings.

Best Parquet Flooring Designs in Amazing Color Options

Parquet flooring is one of the most luxurious and embellishing flooring options for living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers. Parquet flooring is become so popular because of its variety of designs you can create a classic look depending upon your style and is one of the most popular choices of design. This flooring is difficult to installation and also it is time-consuming. We provide a range of real wood, laminate, and laminate vinyl floors in Parquet style with parquet flooring colors come in a mixture of colors can be used to offer a unique look depends upon your choices with amazing prices. We will help you to choose the right style or finish on your floor. Parquet flooring designs come in so many styles such as chevron, herringbone, Versailles, basket and brick weave. Herringbone parquet flooring is the most familiar choice of design and is one of the most common parquet flooring used in a number of different places and also chevron is familiar for its v-shape and latest models which offering the industrial look and a good accompaniment to your interiors and also gives a high decorative flooring.

Buy Best Parquet Flooring Tiles in Various Sizes

Parquet flooring tiles come in various sizes such as 9 by 9,12 by 12 and 19 by 19 inches. The thickness of the parquet flooring tiles typically ranges from 5/16 inch and 3/4 inch. A stunning collection of parquet tiles comes in various geometric patterns and latest styles. We offer parquet flooring tiles available in a variety of different materials, dimensions, and thickness to suit your own unique requirements. Parquet flooring tiles are one of the key trends for the indoor and outdoor floor, it offers the natural looking and high durability and also provides the elegant look to the floors. It provides the feel to get the warmth of flooring tiles in your living rooms and easy maintenance and also a perfect match for areas with high traffic.


Long Durable Solid Wood Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring wood types in a vast range and can be made from both solid and engineered wood. Solid wood made from solid wood blocks of parquet flooring, as it is more durable and engineered wood created from multiple layers of hardwood, it is valued for its flexibility because we can install it directly over a concrete subfloor. We have various types under this hardwood flooring such as cherry, Oak, walnut, Red oak, White oak, Red oak, Ash. We have oil parquet flooring and Lacquered Parquet flooring. In oil parquet flooring, we have UV oil and Oxidative oiled parquet. Lacquered parquet flooring provides wear resistance to the floor which gives a very stable to the high traffic areas.

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