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Office Furniture in Sudan

Highmoon Office Furniture – The best and renowned name in Office Furniture Industry is one of the leading company in furniture production since 2007 serving the Middle East and Africa from over a decade. We have successful delivered office furniture projects in Africa and have a vast showroom in Dubai along with in-house production factory .The advancement of our products comes through our ability and knowledge and our commitment in delivering Highest Quality of products fit in to international standards and extreme competitive prices . We are now expanding our operations to the Sudan and the African Continent. We have been far most successful in providing service to satisfied customers in Middle East, Europe and Sudan, Nigeria to name a few, many of whom are our repeated Clients and belong to the esteemed organizations from the Government and Civil Sector namely Corporate, Retail, Educational Institutions and Realty. Bringing a new significance to made-to-order furniture we use the best of the German materials and products and work relentlessly with our team of designers and experienced craftsmen to bring to life every shape, size and design that you can think of. We have vast factory unit for 30,000 sq feet manufacturing wooden and metal furniture ,partitions and cladding work which also includes our own paint booth, sanding facility, glass & joinery works and the best of the CNC machines to bring shape to the most complex of forms and designs. Our products are numerous and various , catering to satisfy all taste and styles, because of which we have been a part of most diverse furniture supplies whether its local , international or government entities.

Furniture in Sudan

Operating from our Head Office and Showroom cum Works located at Dubai, UAE our mission is dedicated to the principle and philosophy to being a leader in Sudan and African market with the best in house furniture solutions and providing the high quality and suitable prices in order to achieve the customer satisfaction. We are also planning to expand our branches and business units in Sudan thereby increasing the profitability and market share through optimal obligations with the customers based across Africa. We have also a huge data base with all the African market to increase our work rapidly. There are ample number of reasons to buy from Highmoon Furniture Sudan because of its high quality German Products, on time delivery with a free installation team, dedicated designing department and our high bespoken capability. We are also ISO certified company and yet we work on delivering our clients the best custom made furniture and providing them with infinity office solutions. Our custom made furniture also comes with a warranty for over 5 years so you can be assured that the furniture will stay the same for years to come.

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