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Office Design Tips

Office Design Tips

1. Perfect office design and layout:

Whether you are just reconfiguring desk layouts, having a full-scale office refit or looking for an entirely new office building, then practicality, working relationships and personal wellbeing should figure highly on your list of priorities. Think workflows, work styles and welfare. Highmoon fit out company provides the right layout as per our client’s requirements. We are also advising our clients to plan for minimum five years business plan.

The design of your office layout can reflect your corporate culture and mission. You should tailor your office design to complement the type of atmosphere you want to achieve. For example, open office layout ideas with low panel heights create an environment that focuses on openness, collaboration, visibility, and communication. Offices with higher panel heights provide workers with plenty of privacy. Many offices have a combination of both types of spaces depending on the type of work being completed. Other offices opt for a mid-panel height to create an open feel while still providing workers with their own sense of space.

Highmoon Interior Concepts is here to help you create the best office layout for your company. We start with adding your requested office furniture design into your office floor plan and working with you online over an Imagine It! design session to modify your office layout ideas design live so you can see how the furniture will look in your space. In just a few steps you can go from an office layout idea to seeing a 3D virtual tour or your space. We bring our 20 years of design expertise to the table to help you create your perfect environment.

2. Work flow:

Situating teams, departments and heads of departments logically according to workflows and working relationships means better communication and collaboration, which directly impacts on productivity, service quality, response speeds, office politics, duplication of effort, customer service and more besides. Highmoon team, from the start of any project right through to completion and beyond, consistent information and inter-communication by every member of the project team – from Director to Project Manager to Site Supervisor and highly skilled tradesmen – ensure the highest levels of customer care & project satisfaction.

3. Work styles:

It’s a broad topic, covering everything from field-based staff visiting the office, client visits, meeting room usage, teleconferencing, use of technology and how static or mobile within the office each person’s role requires them to be. Making efficient use of space is the key to a good office design layout. Highmoon office fit out contractors providing work style method to use experience doctorates architects to provide the right work style environment.

4. Staff welfare:

Your office design, and particularly the layout and access to facilities, has a large bearing on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Think of the old corporate cliché about the director with the big, plush office and the floor to ceiling windows offering a staggering view across the city. In most workspaces it’s perfectly possible to provide a pleasant office environment for everyone and, while it’s not just about layout, sensitive space planning, design, break out areas, comfortable chairs and ergonomic desks are all basics that too many companies overlook. Highmoon fit out contractor to provide staff welfare and benefits which enables them to provide quality layouts and design to the customer.

5. Fit:

Highmoon commercial interior fit out design provide office design offers a unique puzzle. Before diving into design elements, reflect on the needs of your business and your employees to guide where you put those puzzle pieces. Ultimately, you want a good fit with a balance of communal and individual space plus flexibility for expansion.

6. Light:

Natural light keeps people happier, more alert, and more productive. Cut the glare (and energy costs) of overhead lighting, offer flexible task lighting, and use windows, skylights, and glass divisions to make the most of the sun. Highmoon design team work accordingly to bring the natural light in the work space from top to end.

7. Encounters:

Take a note from Steve Job’s redesign of Pixar studios, which sparked conversation and innovation, by designing a traffic flow or putting in a break room to get people to meet and collaborate. Put down benches in nooks and corners for impromptu meetings. Set up the kitchen area as a multi-use, social space like a cafe. Paint some chalkboard walls for lounges and kitchens because you never know when inspiration will hit! Highmoon design and fit out team refer the area where the people will bring lot of creative ideas and put on white board.

8. Colour!:

The usual advice for walls is to go neutral, but try pale blue for improved focus. Splash a single wall with orange or red to keep energy high. Leave the bland artwork to hotel rooms and exhibit some art that speaks to you, your employees and your business. Join forces with artists’ collectives and other groups who will loan their art to you to show like a mini-gallery. Highmoon decoration team will suggest the right color for the concepts.

9. Breathe:

In the quest for creating collaborative energy, don’t forget to leave some breathing room for your employees. Give them enough space to move. To maintain a clutter-free space, provide useful storage options like modular shelves, cabinets and baskets. Bring in some plants to cleanse the air and cultivate a sense of natural life. Highmoon fit out contractors will take full responsible for the employee welfare.

10. Brand:

Like your business cards and website, the look of your office is a functional, visible extension of your company’s identity. Spend some time thinking about colours, wallpaper, and other décor that will fit in with your brand. The visual statement made by your office will impact visitors, people who come in for meetings, and your own employees. Highmoon Office Decoration team makes your brand to be on top by making luxurious office design which is matching with your brand.

11. Office Refurbishment :

Interior Office Design, Office Fit Out and Space Planning Are Critical to Your Success. That might seem like a really strong statement but it’s absolutely true. Studies show that when interiors for office space are specifically designed to be a highly productive workspace, using an office design that is planned to reduce absenteeism, encourages productivity and enhance creativity, it will aid the growth of your business.

Conversely, an office refurbishment that isn’t planned by experienced commercial interior designers can often be so ill conceived that it damages moral, creates the wrong impression for visitors, encourage negative attitude and impedes your growth.

Whether you want a partial or complete office refurbishment in Cambridge or London, the same rules apply.

The first responsibility we have to you as our client is to identify exactly what you want to achieve and what your aims and objectives are. Once that is established we can begin planning a solution that ensures you make a sound investment in your business.

12. Understanding and Appreciating Your Office Refurbishment Needs:

Part of the office refurbishment process is to understand and appreciate not only what you do as an organization but the culture, the individual roles, workflow, working patterns, current issues, aspirations and ideals. It’s only once this is achieved that our commercial interior designers can start to focus on creating your functional, innovative, inspiring and dynamic office design.

The same process works perfectly whether designing interiors for office workers, creating a design for reception, or breakout areas for common use, also whether it’s a complete office fit out or just one specific area.

Having completed a very wide variety of office refurbishment projects across numerous industries and professions including education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, law, finance, travel and manufacturing to name but a few, we’re very confident that we will able to deliver the same ‘WOW’ factor for you as we have for all of them.

Contact Highmoon now to discuss how you and your office fit out, office design or office refurbishment can benefit from the knowledge, experience and expertise we’ve gained since 2007.


Even the smoothest of moves is going to have issues so set some realistic deadlines.

You may want to stay put in your current premises and make better use of your space. If you are moving then give yourself plenty of time to organise the installation of your phone lines, broadband and any other technical requirements. What you don’t want is to move in and then discover that you have problems with your internet access or telephones.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure you set a date for your Telecomms to be installed as early as possible.


You need a fit-out partner who’s the perfect fit for the job. Meet up with them to find out whether you feel comfortable with their style, visit their premises to see the quality of their work and ask to visit some of their previous jobs, look into their reputation within the industry, check that they have experience within your sector and are able to understand how your business works, test their knowledge on the latest legislation and regulations and ask for their advice on Health & Safety. You’ll know instinctively whether you can work with someone but finding out as much as you can about them is never a bad thing.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure you’re 100% happy with your chosen contractor.


Nominate someone who can manage the project “in your business”, oversee the office design and keep staff updated. Everyone needs to feel motivated and informed and it’s always easier if there’s one person who can answer any questions and provide feedback for any concerns that staff might have.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure you allocate a Fit-Out Champion.


Focus on the detail and make a comprehensive list of everything from the smallest job to the largest. Failing to sort out something as inconsequential as getting enough bins for the office could slow things down later, and even cost the company money.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure that you don’t lose sight of the small things.


Get out your magnifying glass and double check all legal issues. Check your existing lease terms. Are you moving to a listed building? Is it within a conservation area? You may need to take this into consideration. Do you need to obtain landlord’s consent for alterations? If so, this will need to be gained in advance of works commencing on site.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure you check your lease terms and assess the status of the building.


You’re in a Catch 22 when it comes to setting a budget. Until you know what you want it’s hard to know how much you need. This is likely to be a big investment, one that only comes along every 5-10 years or so, therefore it’s important to be realistic with your budget. Don’t forget, this is also your opportunity to create a culture within the business and communicate the brand through the design of the office fit-out.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure that you get estimates for everything (even the kitchen sink)!


Moving your office, or changing it’s layout, is a perfect opportunity to take a long hard look at your storage needs. Do you really need more? Does Jo in accounts use all of the shelves in that massive storage unit? Are your staff making the best use of their desk space? This is your chance to decide if you’re making the best use of space and give your office a bit of a clear out.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure you take a serious look at your storage needs.


That is the question. Would you like new furniture or are you planning on using the modern office furniture you already have? If the desks and chairs are still in good condition then maybe consider replacing furniture in front-of-house areas only so that it looks fresh and up to date. If you are going to re-use existing furniture then a detailed survey of relevant items will need to be produced so that the furniture can be re-planned into the new layout. You’ll need to factor the cost of this into your budget.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure you have a clear idea about what is being re-used or replaced.


There may be a point during the fit out work where staff are unable to operate from the office for Health and Safety reasons or because the IT / Phone systems aren’t up and running. What is the solution ? Remote working from either a temporary office or maybe at home ? You need to look at all eventualities and have a plan so that if the worse should happen it’s not an unpleasant surprise.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure you have a plan for temporary working.


It may seem obvious but you should check that everything in your new premises is in working order both prior to the contractor commencing works and then again on final occupation once fit-out works have been completed. Do all of the windows open and close properly? Does the back door shut correctly? Are the toilets flushing as they should? Are any of the ceiling tiles water stained? Have you got all of the keys? Does the alarm set as it should? Who has the alarm code? Have you got all of the keys? Who has the code for the alarm and how is it activated/de-activated?

Ensuring that your systems are up and running in a new office can make the difference between a good move and a bad move.

Highmoon Decoration makes sure you check and double check all of your systems.

Lighting: Last, but not the least, the lighting of any company plays an important part in its overall look. Be it to bring out the best features of their products or just providing a well lit and soothing atmosphere for the staff. Correct lighting can bring out exceptional results. Any dark corner of poorly lit place can give a feeling of doom and uneasiness which can put off your staff as well as visitors. Like a blooming flower which needs sunlight, we humans also require bright lights. Those are wonderful words of wisdom.

23. Simple Knowledge for interior process:

Fill up the “request a quote” as mentioned at the right side above, stating the required information.

If your requirement matches with the type of works we do, one of our sales representative shall contact you within 48 hours, requesting for an appointment with you.

At the meeting our sales representative shall note down all the requirements such as floor plan, floor, walls and ceiling finishes and other technical details required for a fit out estimate. Site shall be visited if required and is a new location of work for us.

With our design department expertise and as per information received, a layout design shall be prepared and presented to you.

On your approval of the design, a quotation shall be provided.

On approval of the quotation, payment terms and deliverables, an agreement shall be signed between Highmoon Interiors and the client.

Necessary samples and detailed interior design details shall be provided to the client for approvals and once the required government NOC procedure is completed, the work at site shall start.

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