Modular Sofa

Shift the gears of Luxury with Modular Sofa

Ever thought of a hidden possibility to expand the intensity of your luxurious seating? Confused among numerous alternatives? Without a second thought, just go for a set of modular sofa. They can surely uplift you to a new world of relaxation. Apart from the push-back technology, a modular sofa set comes in a modular nature, where we are allowed to fix them in variant positions to create new characteristics to suit our concept of luxurious relaxation.

Freedom of Creative Customization with Modular Sofa

A Modular sofa, also termed a sectional sofa, is definitely one of the versatile creations in the overall furniture varieties. You can surely invest your money on modular sofa if you prefer multi-use furniture. Because with modular sofa, you will be able to extend the list of uses a sofa set can deliver. The customization is mostly done in terms of number of people, size of the room, nature of the room, and intention of usage. It is also linked with the lifestyle and needs of the end user. Some of the popular customization need for modular sofas include serving a huge number of guests in the living room, ensuring comfortable seating while watching TV, relaxing for a while with extended footrests etc.

Different Designs gifts Different Shapes

Modular sofa comes in eclectic models, allowing you to choose the apt design which shapes the sofa according to your comfort requirements. Mainly they model the sofa as Left-Hand Facing (LAF), Right-Hand Facing (RAF), 1 armed, 2 armed, armless, Terminal (armless sofa with corner and backrests), Corner (a piece that can be used to connect together with other independent pieces and form new shapes), console (a modular piece used as a connector, and includes a storage unit and a cup holder), recliners with footrests etc. Another best thing about modular sofa is that you can have sofa pieces with such colorful and enticing designs which you assemble together to form beautiful angles and seating. So the custom molds depend upon what your requirement is and what kind of comfort you prefer to have.

Select the suitable fabric

Out of the wide variety of fabrics available for modular sofa, the ideal one is genuine leather as it is less open to dust, can be easily cleaned up, and also looks new for many years. Microfiber is also yet another good fabric you can rely on if you wish more smoothness for your sofa.

Enviable Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the key factors that prompts you to fix modular sofa as your favorite choice for a living room. A modular sofa has the ability to interchange the sofa pieces, make sophisticated inter-connections, and form brilliant shapes, adding more length to either side. You can add or remove the modular pieces according to the size of your room or people or even the present requirements.

Packages at varied price ranges!

You can choose the apt modular sofa package as per your concepts and so they are available in different price ranges according to the number of modular pieces and the fabric used. The more the fabric quality and size is, the more will be the price.

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