Modular Carpet Tiles

Buy Replaceable Modular Carpet Tiles in UAE

Featuring their easy-fit design and accurate format, Highmoon’s modular carpet tiles are sincerely effortless to fix or drop, maintain and to replace, in comparison with a traditional one-piece carpet’s methods. Our modular carpet tiles are available as individual segments, that are packed in flexible carry boxes, and doesn’t require a total stripping of a commercial or residential building to install them. This makes them a favorite choice for architects, trendy designers and DIY enthusiasts alike. The main property of our modular carpet tiles is that it can be easily installed and can also easily removed and replace it in another place. So that if you are shifting your house you can carry our modular carpet tiles and fix it in another place easily.

Commercial and Residential Modular Carpet Tiles

Here marks the ability of Highmoon’s modular carpet tiles to take heavy footprint falls, and to last in areas bearing high foot traffic. Our modular carpet tiles are capable of taking the usual tread of both commercial and residential flooring space. Now, this makes them the best and ideal flooring option for small and large spaces, despite not requiring any kind of underlay. When the merit of stain resistance allows adding one more level of durability, those individual tiles that get dirty can be individually removed, cleaned, and then replaced when they get dry. Similarly, if an individual tile becomes damaged, then also it is effortless to replace it and retains the continuity that a traditional carpet can never have. It is this capacity that makes Highmoon’s modular carpet tiles suitable for any area on the floors of your commercial space.

Free Delivery and Installation of Modular Carpet Tiles

Highmoon’s modular carpet tiles offer a kind of minimal waste flooring option and one that simply demands individual tiles to be replaced when the situation arises, but never the entire sections of flooring. The promise of a 10-year wear guarantee on all of our modular carpet tiles undoubtedly adds to the practicality and sustainable approach our product upholds in front of you! Moreover, we are giving free delivery and free installation of modular carpet tiles across the UAE.

Highmoon caters to your diverse flooring requirements by showcasing a wide variety of modular carpet tiles that are manufactured in brightest colors, royal designs, and durable molds. Now we always love to see the same customers coming again and again for repeated purchases. As a contribution to the realization of such a dream, we place before you many exclusive offers and seasonal discounts to attract your kind attention. Also, the normal pricing of our modular carpet tiles is much less than that of any other prevailing brands.


Highmoon has a grand supply of modular carpet tiles across all the major cities of UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain & Ras Al Khaimah), along with other GCC nationals like Oman, Saudi Arabia & Qatar.

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