lucury vinyl flooring suppliers in kenya

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Kenya

Shop Online the Best Luxury Vinyl Tiles at Cheap Price in Kenya

The enviable collection of luxury vinyl sheets from Highmoon, one of the splendid luxury vinyl flooring suppliers in Kenya, provides you the perfectly matching flooring solution. Our luxury vinyl flooring remains the pride of your floors, incorporating the uniform textures and brightest colors of the calm nature. Highmoon’s team of skilled experts are on strenuous researches for refining luxury vinyl flooring’s endless possibilities of design and layouts we can try for different floors of different rooms. In larger spaces, Highmoon’s luxury vinyl flooring provides provisions for easier transitions while joining one flooring material with another one. In addition, the variety of colors and textures permits numerous mixtures for an expansive, large-scale installation requirement. For comparatively smaller areas, our luxury vinyl flooring permits you the maintenance of a natural flow on the way towards a kitchen space or front entrance, which makes that space feel more vast and larger.

Get Best Designs of Vinyl Flooring From Luxury Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Kenya

Beyond its exquisite beauty assured by one of the standard luxury vinyl flooring suppliers in Kenya, Highmoon’s luxury vinyl flooring is a close friend of your adorably comfortable spaces. Right from the first moment your footsteps are placed on our luxury vinyl floors instead of hard wood or carpet floors, you will definitely start experiencing a feeling of cozy resilience that you have never known before. Apart from the tiresome long-standing periods in a kitchen over a floor furnished with porcelain or ceramic tile, Highmoon’s luxury vinyl flooring can be installed over a peculiar cushy underlayment to promise extra comfort in areas where you need a protective layer for your legs. Speaking about the use in kitchens, our luxury vinyl flooring has an added feature of having the ability to handle water or similar liquid substances, and that they won’t shatter a dropped glass in the way other hard-floored platforms will do. They have also stain-resistance up to a certain level. This way, installing our luxury vinyl flooring will become one of the key reasons to improve your home’s acoustic conditions appreciably.

It doesn’t matter how many times or how carefully you analyze our public goodwill again and again, it is a fact that you cannot get rid of your temptation of placing your order at Highmoon, one of the leading luxury vinyl flooring suppliers in Kenya, for the highest levels of durability and performance consistency our vinyl sheets maintain every time you purchase them. They are not only stain-resistant and water-proof, but they also have the power to overcome even the heaviest foot traffic including trolley movements, severe floor scratches, etc. They have an anti-microbial nature and the strong underlayment always ensures the right and maximum UV protection for your floors in different rooms.

Highmoon has large-scale luxury vinyl flooring supply across all the major Kenyan cities (Nakuru, Nairobi, Eldoret, Lamu, Mombasa and Kisumu), along with GCC nationals like UAE Oman, Saudi Arabia & Qatar.

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