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L shaped desk

Corner L Shaped Desk Dubai

Do you know why people mainly prefer L shaped desk or corner desk? Main reason is because of its less space consumption and large space. Mainly there are l shaped desk where desk return is attached with the main table itself and another option is corner desk with one main desk and one separate return desk with it. But you will feel confused during purchasing these desks. There are some tips you can follow to make the purchase easier. To choose whether it is left side or right side you should first check your comfortability. You should check which side is comfortable to you. Majority people prefer left sided return desk.

The second one is the placement of the desk. For other desks rather than L shaped you don’t want to think more about which position you need to keep your desk. But for an L shaped desk it is important to check spacing of your room, interior, and corner positions where desk can be placed. If it is an executive room it is important that your desk should be in front of the door (it shows the dominance). And behind the table there should be wall or cabinet. You should only take care of the positioning and all only when the L- shaped desk with left sided desk return or right sided desk return is fixed or is not reversible. In case of reversible return desk you can fix it any position you like.

Modern L-Shaped Desk

Always keep in mind the total space you have in your office or home where you can place the table. Many of you may go wrong in choosing the dimension. In case of L- shaped desk, the length of the desk will be same as that of the length of main desk. But the width of the table will be the sum of the main desk and return desk. To be more clear, from the image shown below the length of l shaped desk is 180cm (main table length), the width will be 160cm (width of main table + width of return desk).

At Highmoon office furniture we have a large varieties of l- shaped desk with and without fixing return desk, Reversible desk, desk with metal leg, l shaped desk with wooden base, and also in many color varieties. If you prefer customization of your desk, we can provide it.

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