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Highmoon has been experiencing remarkable affection from several furniture lovers in the global sphere, especially in UAE, being recognized as one of the most celebrated furniture manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, because of the ultimate comfort, maximum flexibility and limitless durability imprinted within every piece of furniture we manufacture. As one of the best UAE furniture manufacturers, Highmoon always realizes your dreams about an excellent furnishing choice for your Saudi Arabian space, by giving birth to a group of ample furniture that goes in tune with your concept of an ideal furnished space. To succeed in the completion of the furnishing demands of your Saudi Arabian space in totality, Highmoon is here to make-up your space with an entirely novel look, via a justifiable blend of necessary furniture and right flooring solutions.

Highmoon, one of the best-ever furniture manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, has a crew of skilled professionals including production team, multifaceted designers and client relationship specialists, who have the right sets of knowledge about the value of a clear space design plan and the size of furniture package required to fill the spaces wisely. So, we give life to an extraordinary furniture package as per the creative inputs received during the initial client briefing and suggestion sharing. It is always after a detailed site visit and pre-production planning that we arrive at a final production plan and confirmations regarding the size and type of your furniture package.

Office, Educational and Hotel Furniture Suppliers in Saudi Arabia

Highmoon has proven track record of numerous successful manufactures and deliveries of quality and durable furniture for different spaces. We are known and loved for the interesting fact that we manufacture furniture for any kind of spaces. The only thing we need for that is the customers’ right detailing of their requirements. Some of the major spaces we furnish and the main furniture we provide there are listed below:

  1. For schools: student desks and benches, teachers’ desks, staff room furniture, storage cabinets, office tables, laboratory furniture, desktop tables, bookshelves etc.
  2. For kindergarten: kids’ tables & chairs, playhouse toys, tunnel toys, plastic shelves etc.
  3. For library: reception desks, desktop tables, reference tables, wooden chairs, bookshelves, storage cabinets, media display stands etc.
  4. For offices: workstations, executive desks, L-shaped office desks, office storage cabinets, ergonomic chairs, leisure chairs, bar stools, coffee tables, modular sofas, media display stands, meeting tables, conference tables, height adjustable desks, reception desks, desktop tables etc.
  5. For hotels: coffee tables & chairs, dining tables & chairs, reception desks, luxury sofas, media display stands, tv stands, kitchen furniture (metal), outdoor furniture, desktop tables, storage cabinets, housekeeping room furniture etc.
  6. For lodging space/hotel lodging: bedroom furniture, dressing table, tv stand, reception desk, desktop tables, etc.

Highmoon’s office furniture has a consistent quality that literally shuts the mouths that frequently questions about the durability of products. Our furniture is available in genuine wood, and solid metal ingredients, that assures long-lasting working conditions, thereby making sure highest durability.

Highmoon’s branded furniture is available at the lowest prices available till date, across all major Saudi Arabian cities like Medina, Riyadh, Mecca etc. and we do place in front of you, attractive festival offers and discounts on our furniture, which creates positive vibes among the customers to carry out even more bulk purchases in the near future. We do manufacture the same for other GCC Nationals like UAE, Oman, and Qatar.

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