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Office Storage Cabinet – Metal Filing Cabinets in Dubai

        Highmoon Office Furniture is right platform to buy office storage furniture and filing solution in Dubai. We are here to proud to help Dubai office dwellers with minimum usage of office face to solve all office storage solution. With the help of our modular system of cabinetry combined with custom furniture as well as custom cabinets, we offer an extensive variety of solutions for commercial office in Dubai. We have a great collection of metal storage cabinets like vertical filing cabinet, luxury metal furniture, vintage metal furniture, metal vertical filing cabinets, lateral filing cabinet, metal curved office cupboards, tambour doors and cupboards, metal curved domestic cupboards, metal lockers, metal beds, metal bunk beds, metal shoe racks, metal pedestals and much more. Wooden large bookshelves and cabinets are also customized as per requirements. Office storage drawers and pedestals are also manufactured and supplied at cheap price in all over UAE. Our office file cabinets come in standard sizes and we strive to provide custom furniture and cabinets in order to make the use of every inch of commercial office space.

Protect Your Valuable Things In High Quality Office Filing Cabinet

         The office filing cabinets are an essential piece of furniture in every office. It provides high protection to your valuable documents and allocates the files separately from different departments. The filing cabinet is used not only for separation and safety of materials; it is also used for the maintenance office structure. Highmoon office furniture is the best place getting a wide variety of office furniture gathering and provides a high-quality file storage cabinet in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE.

         We are the right option for you. You will see the variety of filing cabinets as two drawer filing cabinets, four-drawer file cabinet, three drawer file cabinet, vertical file cabinet. The filing cabinets are divided into two categories, such as vertical filing cabinet and lateral filing cabinets. Both are the same, but the height, design, and storage purposes differ.

         The vertical filing cabinets are suitable for the small-sized office. It will occupy less space in your office and relatively store a large number of files. The legal and letter size documents are stored in vertical filing cabinets, the width of letter-size is 15, and legal-paper is 19. The mobile filing cabinets are very flexible to move anywhere at your office and lightweight.

         When you decide to buy the vertical filing cabinet first, you consider the file and folder size. You can get the various color, types, and designs of vertical filing cabinets from our office. Our quality office filing cabinet helps you to manage your office efficiently without losing the information. It has drawers be different from the two to five. Most of the vertical cabinet is in typical height as 29, 40, 52, and 60 inches. Commonly the vertical filing cabinet has a capacity of 27, and depth level is 29.

Metal File Cabinet

        The metal filing cabinets have large-capacity of stimulated steel and are very durable. It used for the large-capacity file storage as accounting departments and another place. The metal filing cabinet is suitable for the long term file storing. Our steel office cabinet is available with various colors, design, and is easy to gather.

Wood File Cabinet

         A wood file cabinet is using for the storage purpose and also make your office and home very elegant. It is the best option for heap the traditional art book and good looking table flower wash. It is more functional to keep the necessary paper inside. The wood file cabinet adds the beauty of your home office and workspace. The wooden cabinets have several drawers and save your valuable thinks.

Grab The Unique Storage Cabinet With Safeguards

        Some of the filing cabinets come with some additional features as a wide tabletop that will help you to place the printer, scanner, or any other stationery items. Our latest filing cabinets collections are suitable for small-sized office, and it will expand the storage space. The office furniture is the central part of every workplace. The filing cabinets have managed the area and structure of the workspace. Most of the data is saved in the system, but it may be possible to corrupt by someone or virus. So the hard copy of the information is essential for all the places. The workspace needs the safety cabinet to store the information files. It must be effortless to access by the user. The filing cabinets maintain the documents by the specific categories. We offer an advanced model of filing cabinets with electronic lock and fireproof.

         Highmoon Furniture manufacture and supply high quality stylish luxury strong storage and filing cabinet for office, schools, cafeteria, library etc for a affordable price acroSs Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, AL Ain, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and all over UAE. When you stuck to get the quality filing cabinet in the market, we help you to get the quality one at your budget.

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