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Engineered wood flooring has gotten a mainstream option in contrast to conventional strong wood flooring and is an ideal floor covering option for halls, front rooms and rooms. Built from three layers of compacted lumber and done with a top layer of genuine strong wood surface, engineered wood flooring gives the regular look like wood floors with added toughness. It is Simple to install with its protected Uni-click profile, engineered wood flooring reaches can be utilized in an collection of rooms and can be laid on top of concrete as a ‘coasting floor’ development, which means no cements or nails required and no unattractive holes between the sheets. Highmoon’s Engineered wood flooring in Abu Dhabi is the best flooring supplier. If you are looking to buy engineered wood flooring in abu dhabi and confused about choosing the supplier, worry not! Highmoon is the best one to go for.

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Highmoon Furniture is a pioneer in wooden flooring in Abu Dhabi, Highmoon has gotten inseparable from Engineered Wood Floors, Solid Wood Floors, Design Floors, Laminate Floors, Sports and Dance Floors, Outdoor Decking, Profiles and Skirting, just as Glues, Lacquers and Wood Flooring Equipment, addressing more than 20 premium worldwide brands like Hakwood, Boen, Karelia, Monpar, Imondi, Bolefloor, Stockl Parkett, Balterio, Giant, Gibus, UPM, DeCastelli, Dasso, Berry Alloc, STP, Glamora … from across the world, including Finland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Canada and USA.

An all in one resource for wood flooring, Highmoon Flooring manages the whole range of particular instruments and supplies all over UAE.Highmoon spends significant time in Green Solutions for a cleaner and climate well disposed world and henceforth supplies just in reasonably sourced materials.

Choose the Best Engineered Wood Flooring For Your Space From Top-Quality Manufacturers In Abu Dhabi

Highmoon Furniture is considered as the top-notch brand for flooring as well as office furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Here at Highmoon Flooring you can explore a huge variety of flooring choices, designs, sizes and patterns. Additionally Highmoon offers custom-made flooring according to clients requirements whether your looking flooring for your home or workplace highmoon has both the option at affordable rates.

Advantages of Highmoon Engineered wood Flooring in Abu Dhabi

Engineered wood flooring in Abu Dhabi comprises at least two layers of wooden inside the type of a board. it’s far the most extreme typical kind of wood floors utilized worldwide.

Engineered wood is genuine wood, anyway instead of one in number pieces it incorporates three to ten thin layers of wood known as heaps which can be intertwined beneath warmth and stress.

They might be less helpless to changes in temperatures and mugginess. Furthermore, Highmoon is one of the top of the line engineered wood flooring suppliers.

Also, we can send it in moistness defenseless zones like latrines, half showers and finished cellars. Engineered flooring is available in numerous unique sizes, colors and styles.

Engineered woods are extremely spotless and quick to install. It doesn’t spread allergens, dust, forms that cause touchy responses.

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