Commercial LVT Flooring

Buy LVT Flooring for Commercial Purpose at Cheap Price

Highmoon’s commercial LVT flooring is an affordable alternative to its competitive flooring products produced by many other companies as well. Do you know what is the best part of having Highmoon’s beautiful luxury vinyl tile flooring at your commercial area? Along with a convenient flooring option, you are bringing the most extravagant designs to your commercial area, that too for significantly lower prices. If you are looking for unbeatable quality, you can go for a thicker LVT which tends to be showcased at the higher strata of the pricing range among the variations of Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks available at Highmoon in Dubai, UAE for cheap price. In order to ensure proper protection to the tile design and to increase the durability of a tile, a 5mm LVT consists of an appreciable 0.55mm wear layer.

High Quality Long Durable Commercial LVT Flooring in UAE

Manufactured from the finest robust materials, Highmoon’s commercial LVT flooring is made to withstand the fluctuating pressures of a commercial atmosphere with high quality. This extremely durable vinyl flooring solution is characterized by excessive foot traffic support, flame resistance, moisture absorption, and lot more. There are not many things that our adorable LVT flooring cannot assure. Highmoon has a clear idea of what a commercial area demands in the case of flooring. Our custom made Luxury Vinyl flooring is made up of pure vinyl and it will surely fulfill the green building standards for commercial requirements. In short, you can be sure of one thing when you purchase Highmoon’s quality commercial LVT flooring – that you are installing a high-quality flooring that has the best longevity.

Avoid risky circumstances and stay safe with Highmoon’s commercial LVT flooring

Highmoon’s commercial LVT flooring has a hard wearing by nature and they are waterproof also to an appreciable extent. Talking about the walk-in experience, Highmoon’s beautiful LVT flooring provides firm grip along with slip resistance feature which is good during times of heavy foot traffic on the floors. Our LVT can be used in plenty to floor risk-involved areas such as kitchen and bathrooms to balance design excellence and practicality. Analyzing the advantage of having an LVT installed a floor in the dining and living rooms, you can sense the aesthetic beauty of a perfect and ideal flooring solution that bears cent percent creativity. Including the stairs, there is no place in your commercial area that can be left out from suggesting the installation of LVT flooring. Differing from normal tiled and wooden flooring, LVT provides warmth under your legs as the considerable thickness of the tile offers you a cushioned feel. It is really interesting to know the impressive level of heat conducted through the flooring as our branded LVT flooring is much compatible with underfloor heating.

Compared to laminate wood, engineered wood, carpet tiles etc. Highmoon’s commercial LVT flooring absorbs much noise of the footsteps as well as trolley movements. As the thickness of the LVT increases, the sound suppression level also increases accordingly. High foot traffic areas require thicker LVTs to make sure that the floors are saved from unlimited sounds and depreciation. Thus, even the footsteps turn out to be silent music if your floors are installed with Highmoon’s protective LVT flooring at your commercial space.

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