Space planning

Skep Reception Desk With Grey Panel

Space planning

Sometimes, companies want to move when they don’t need to, other times they want a redesign when it simply won’t help. As they say, a square peg won’t fit in a round hole. That’s why a workplace appraisal is the first thing we do whenever anyone asks us to help them with their office interiors. Basically, we get to know your business. We take time to watch it work, understand your people, your corporate structure, plans for future growth and all your technical requirements. Only then can we really know what’s best for your business. And, when you see how much more efficient and productive your company is as a result, you’ll see how it’s best for your bottom line too.

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We do everything from workplace appraisals and design to implementation and beyond – and you only need one dedicated contact for the whole process. No random suppliers here there and everywhere to keep track of. No conflicting time lines or fluctuating costs. Everything is under one roof and one budget – yours. We are group of professionals in the interior designs area in Dubai, who are committed to deliver the quality over the quantity. We hope to establish a platform for all architects to share design ideas and take up issues pertaining to the interior design sector with any legal or technical forum in order to promote the common good of the entire fraternity. Since 2007 Highmoon Decoration handed project works for over 100 SME’s in Dubai, UAE across all industries. Highmoon Decoration aims to at all times maintain the upmost levels of service for our clients and strives to place itself at the forefront of Interior Design Services within the Architecture industry.

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