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Buy Best Reception Desk in Dubai, Impress Your Clients With Modern Reception Desk

Make First Impression Great Impression with Modern Reception Desk

The reception desk area is the place where the first impression really counts. It is the entry point and conveys the culture and ethos of the company. So the reception area furniture should be impressive, stylish, neat and elegant. As Highmoon Furniture has great experience in interior design and office furniture manufacturing, we have a clear idea of furnishing reception area. We provide unique stylish modern reception desk in Dubai at the best available price. Customizing colour, design and logo imposing on the reception desk is also done according to client requirement.

How to choose a Reception Desk for your Reception area?

The lobby area is the face of your company. The visitors that may reach your reception room maybe clients, employees, new hires or investors. Whoever visits your office for the first time will judge you by the appearance of your reception area. It should be properly furnished with stylish reception desk, sofas and chairs. There are certain things to be kept in mind while choosing a reception desk in Dubai.

1. Choose the right size
Size selection should be propositional to the area of your reception room. If you have a small room you should select a small reception desk. If you have a large reception area with a high ceiling you should choose a large reception desk. While an outsider enters your reception area the reception counter desk should be the first thing that they notice. Also, the main thing you should be concerned about the number of receptionist you plan to place at the reception counter. Each receptionist should have enough space to handle.

2. Pick the right shape according to placement
If you plan to place your reception desk at the center of the room, then you should select a round reception desk. The receptionist can face in the direction of walking visitors. It will also give privacy to the receptionist and also a clear and neat appearance from all side. If it is a small room and placed near to wall use rectangular or u shaped reception desk.

3. Design and colour of the reception desk
The reception desk should always have warm welcoming appear. For conveying business values, transparency and commitment to the visitors. Reception counter helps a lot with its appeal. You can select the colour which matches your brand logo or office colour theme. According to the nature of business the material chosen, design and colour should be chosen. For salons and medical centres, it should have a neat and clean colour with simple designs and light colours. Whereas for a hotel lobby it should be elegant in order to show the facilities and luxury of the hotel. Usually, hotels select dark colours for their reception desk according to the interior.

4. Ergonomics of the reception desk
Ergonomics of furniture is very important that your receptionist should be able to easily manage their daily task with comfort. It should have a proper height that the receptionist can easily convey with the visitors. Should have enough storage space to store documents and money. If there are two or more receptionist enough space should be given in between to give personal space and to avoid clutter while dealing with visitors.

Shop Best Quality stylish Reception Desk in Dubai at Budget Price

At Highmoon Furniture we have a large collection of the reception desk with more than 100+ colour options, design and of different shapes. We are also providing logo imposing for the reception desk. From the small reception desk to large reception desk, rectangular, curve, u shaped, l shaped to the round reception desk, you can find from us.

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