Best Vinyl Sheet Flooring Option for Rooms,Dubai

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Vinyl Sheet Flooring Dubai


Vinyl Sheet Flooring Dubai


Vinyl Sheet Flooring Dubai


Vinyl Sheet Flooring Dubai


Vinyl Sheet Flooring Dubai


Vinyl Sheet Flooring Dubai


Buy PVC Vinyl Sheet Flooring at Cheap Price in Dubai, UAE

Highmoon’s vinyl sheet flooring Dubai is much easy to maintain when compared to many other contemporary flooring solutions manufactured by other competitive firms. The additional protective layer incorporated with our advanced PVC vinyl flooring makes your floors resistant to stain, hard scratches, accidental cracks, marks of frequent trolley movements etc. Thus, you are allowed to use it little rougher compared to any other flooring solutions till date, as cleaning vinyl installed floors, is pretty easy. In order to experience a hygienic flooring, a simple cleaning strategy with the help of a hard mop is more than enough for Highmoon’s modern vinyl sheet flooring. We have been manufacturing flawless PVC vinyl sheet flooring and supplying the same across Dubai (UAE) for more than ten years. As we are the manufacturers we can provide vinyl sheets and planks at a cheap price in Dubai. Attractive offers and seasonal discounts are being introduced across a year to hold-in maximum number of satisfied customers close to our heart and to invite them for frequent future purchase from Highmoon as our pricing is quite affordable.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring in Dubai

Unique Floors With Highmoon’s Vinyl Sheet Flooring Dubai

Unless under the consultation of an expert professional, it will be truly difficult to differentiate Highmoon’s vinyl sheet flooring Dubai from solid-wood and tiled flooring. The excellence levels of designs, textures and finish that our high quality vinyl sheet flooring Dubai upholds will be of proven standard. The concept of sloping edges adds more of a kind of realistic feeling and the additional feature strips help to enhance the minute details of the design and thus, the grouting requirement is eliminated intelligently. There’s an eclectic range of rarest vinyl designs to choose from. Mosaic and checked patterns are two popular tastes that are safe with the expert contemporary stylists. Also, we have innovative designs for those furniture lovers with a modern outlook and a creatively experimental mentality to toggle between striking colors and bold configurations. That way you decide to stand up to the world and create your own unique flooring. By mixing multiple tile patterns and colors, you can make out some wonderful flooring layouts that guarantee enviable admiration from your well-wishers.

Easily Installable Vinyl Sheet Flooring Dubai From Highmoon

When you compare Highmoon’s vinyl sheet flooring Dubai with existing flooring solutions like wood, ceramic or stone flooring, you will come to know that our vinyl flooring’s installation is much faster than the other ones as they are available in a click or stick down options which doesn’t demand much time. As per the concept of simple floor design, working with static furnishings, door management and transitions have made much easier if your floors are furnished with Highmoon’s reliable vinyl sheet flooring in a lower profile. Another important feature concerned with our vinyl sheet installation is that it can be installed over existing plywood or even concrete subfloors as long as the surface is of flat, smooth and structurally sound nature. This gives the installation a DIY nature. Some of the vinyl sheets come with the click lock installation method just like the laminate wood flooring wherein each tile is clicked down to stay together. The stick down method also is easy where it is fixed down using a vinyl adhesive. Choosing the method of easiest installation depends solely upon your personal preference.