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After conquering the markets of the U.A.E, Highmoon Furniture started expanding its business from Dubai, U.A.E to various other Gulf states, and now in Africa. Available in a wide range of patterns and 50+ color options, Highmoon furniture decorates your office and home office space with ready as well as custom made furniture and is the best quality furniture supplier in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Apart from Ethiopia our furniture is manufactured and supplied to other African regions as well including Sudan, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

office furniture in addis ababa

Office Furniture Manufactures & Suppliers in Addis Ababa - Highmoon Furniture

Creating the best quality modern furniture designs since 2007, Highmoon has successfully maintained its stature of the best office furniture manufacturer & supplier to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and other cities of Ethiopia as well. With top quality office desks and ergonomic office chairs designed considering the required comfort of employees with long working hours, our designs are variant in every possible way. We have a scintillating collection of classic furniture, contemporary furniture, children furniture, custom made furniture, luxury furniture and so on. All in all, we have an extremely unique furniture collection.

Modern Office Furniture Designs - Shop Office Desks, Chairs, Storage Cabinets & Workstation

Our catalog includes various modern office furniture designs that have a varied collection of executive desks, office cubicles or workstation desks whether it is an I-shaped desk, corner desk or a reception desk; there can’t be any other choice for a Dubai office furniture manufacturer other than Highmoon. Apart from the furniture mentioned above, you can also acquire office filing cabinets, storage cabinets for office purpose and office sofas that are best suited as quality home office furniture. As one of the leading office furniture companies, it is our responsibility to provide the type of furniture desired by our clients. Whether those are luxury office furniture designs, classic office furniture designs or custom made office furniture, we will create the best work to match up to your expectations.

High-End Office Furniture

Highmoon Office Furniture is one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of Office Furniture in Addis, Ababa. We deliver high quality and luxury office furniture all over Ethiopia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and South Africa. You will pick out the modern and eye-catching looked at furniture gathering from our furniture outlet in Addis Ababa.

If you are working in your home office you need the ergonomic and attractive office furniture. It wants to be suitable for your work and home decoration. Our Home Office Furniture has created a better working environment and make you feel like working in well professional areas. Nowadays most of the office staff are done their work at home and send that through email. So they need comfortable and professional furniture like an office. It will encourage the workers to do their work properly and avoid the deadline.

Some of them are doing a small business and have an office set up in their home. Our home office furniture creates a small office set up in your home and makes your work more professional. it will divide your home as a home office and living room. The home office furniture is playing both roles to give the professional look and also make your home decorative.

Ergonomic Office Chairs and Tables

The Ergonomic Office Chairs make your everyday work more comfortable and ease. Using our quality office chair furniture you can get the stress free and strain-free environment. The office chair and tables set are a crucial part of the office furniture and it will create an ideal workspace for your workers. The workers are the main strength of business growth. They working continuously in the same place. If you want to improve your business productivity you must care about your employees and thing freely about their problems. When your employees are affected by the uncomfortable office seating it will reduce their work productivity immediately. And then it will indulge your commercial development. So the worker comfortability is very important as productivity. So we offer a wide range of the Office Chair And Table Set at various design, style, color, and price.

Modern Executive Office Furniture in Addis

If you decide to change your office set from traditional to modern our Executive Modern Office Furniture is the best option for you. modern office furniture is made a positive and impressive working environment. The working atmosphere is the most important to encourage workers. Because the dull and ancient working place creates negativity about the workspace and job. The executive office furniture creates a professional and trendy atmosphere to impress the clients and new employees at their first sight.

Currently, most of the offices in the market change their appearance as more modern and try to develop a better idea about your business. If you want to make a unique look at your workspace the Modern Office Furniture is a help to make a unique workspace.

Office Furniture Suppliers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Have a look at our High-Quality Office Furniture options in detail on our website and leave us a feedback, for what type of office furniture is your or your brand’s requirement. You can call us on our toll-free number 80044446666 for any further inquiry.