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H arwood wood floors gives that natural warmth and classic touch to your space. But not every room is suitable for solid wood floors. This is where the beauty of engineered wood flooring enters. The features of these floors make them handy to install in any kind of spaces.

Now into specs, the engineered wood is real wood flooring that is built in layers and bonded together. Its superior stability makes it resistant to changes in humidity and temperatures. They do not swell or warp hence reducing the maintenance cost. They consist of cross ply layers glued one on top of each other, making it more durable and strong. Their creative structure makes them more stable and friendlier to your budget. Probably one of the key benefits of opting for the engineered wood flooring is the easy installation method.

Our collection of engineered wood flooring includes impressive range of colors, textures, wood species and finishes. Whether you prefer a tidy look of contemporary wide-plank styles or the rustic look of the hand-scraped wood floors, there’s always an engineered variety for your space. We not only house engineered hardwood of multiple species such as oak, maple and hickory but also have Birch, cherry, walnut and other exotic woods such as African mahogany, Acacia and Tiger wood.

Our range of flawless educational furniture are designed in different combinations of desks, pre-school and kindergarten furniture, staff room furniture and much more.

As a whole engineered wood tends to be less expensive and is available in uniquely artistic designs and enhanced durability. So come explore our collection and pick the right flooring for your space.