Kids Play Mats

Rubber and Foam Kids Play Mats in Different Designs

Highmoon’s kids’ play mats are probably the most versatile and practically useful baby product available on the contemporary market. They can be used in numerous ways and provides a few very important benefits pertaining to the baby’s proper development in different aspects. Highmoon’s kids’ play mats usually include a soft covering which projects two arches that hang above the head atop and support toys. They are suitable to use from birth itself. Some models are available with baby-safe mirrors, lovely lights, soothing music or a variety of textured material, and some other models provide a safe and personal space where your baby can lay calm, observe keen and play happily. Highmoon’s kids’ play mats tempt the babies to use hands and feet to explore the mat what and the surroundings where some elements contribute to their physical development. There are some additional benefits for our play mats too.

Highmoon’s kids’ play mats allow babies to learn the basic concept of cause and effect relationship. Our mats encourage babies to repeat those action they did involuntarily (for example, touching a toy by mistake). During the gradual growth, they pull on, take in hands or hit a toy deliberately and repeat the same actions because they find them funny and interesting. Putting it simply, Highmoon’s kids’ play mats forces babies to interact with adorable toys.

Free Delivery and Installation of Kids Play Mat in UAE

Highmoon’s kids’ play mats enhance a baby’s visual perceptual skills. We are aware of the fact that babies prefer to hook their attention upon objects with highly contrasting colors and our baby play mats’ design usually employ a contrasting mixture of the brightest colors. Thus, Highmoon’s play mats offer visually appealing images and surroundings for the kids.

Highmoon’s kids’ play mats encourage a baby to crawl and use legs, hands, and arms, in a synchronized combination, which helps to build healthy muscles. More importantly, the soft surface of our play mats encourages the kids to lay on stomach, which makes the neck, back, and arms stronger and also fosters the full-fledged development of gross motor skills (rolling, crawling, walking), visual skills and even speech and feeding skills.

Easy Cleanable and Portable Baby Play Mat in Dubai

Highmoon’s play mats are very easy to use, to clean, and maintain, with the longest durability. They are portable in nature that you can take them in your hands by folding them in case you need to relocate to a different environment suddenly. Highmoon’s kids’ play mats are also available in customized versions as per your prerequisites.

Our manufacturing unit is in Dubai (UAE) and we supply kids’ play mats across UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ajman), along with GCC nationals like Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar.

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