Office furniture in Dubai

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Recently the need for office furniture in Dubai has increased tremendously. Office furniture manufacturers and suppliers are also increasing day by day as a result of increased demand for furniture. As Dubai is a very fastly developing city, new startups are also emerging day by day.

Office furniture in Dubai

An event like expo 2020 and increasing construction activities have provided very significant growth opportunities in the Dubai market. The expo 2020 has boosted the real estate and construction sectors which has increased the need for many offices in Dubai. And the government regulations on FDI (foreign direct investment) also reasoned to increase different types of business activities. So for running a business office space is required. Lately, so many new offices is opened and innovation also is taking place in existing offices. And in the commercial real estate sector co-working and flexible workplaces are also a changing trend. The existing area has been providing additional co-working spaces and flexible office opportunities. This course has impacted the growth of the office furniture market in Dubai. So the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of the office furniture market in Dubai has been shooting up lately.

Furniture is important to factor functioning of an office. The office furniture used by the workers in an office should be work-friendly so that the workers should be comfortable with the work and this comfortable brings the quality of the work and also high the productivity. When productivity increases profit also increases and it leads to the full satisfaction of both employer and employees.

Now we can check which all furniture is needed in an office and where is it available filling our all the type of satisfaction.

Commonly office furniture needed the following are

  1. Executive desk
  2. Reception desk
  3. Conference and meeting table
  4. Workstation

Highmoon furniture is one of the leading office furniture manufacturers and distributors of the above-mentioned furniture in Dubai.

As for your information, a detailed description of the above items is given below

  1. Executive desk– our executive desk is provided with several types according to sizes, shapes, and designs. The main Shapes of available areas are Rectangular desks, L-shaped desks, and U-shaped. As Rectangular shape executive desk can be used in every space of the office ie: in the center of the room or in front of a wall. As the shape is convenient it has no unusable space. A rectangular-shaped executive desk is also called a straight desk. A disk-shaped rectangular is most commonly used as its shape is convenient to place in almost all places.

L-shaped executive desk can be used where there is an unusable corner in the office, you can optimize your office space using l shaped desk.  U-shaped executive desk can be used where there is a small area. A U-shaped desk gives an organized look to your office.

  • Reception desk–  reception desks also are available in different types according to their shape and size of the same. Size depends on the space available in the waiting room of your office. A compact reception table is enough to accommodate a small spaced waiting room. If you have a larger waiting room you have to accommodate a larger type of reception table which has space to move two or more receptionists. high moon furniture has both types to meet your need.  In the case of shape 3 types are available, are single surface reception desk, l shaped reception desk, and U shaped reception desk. Single surface reception desks are having a surface with writing space enough to write a receptionist and the guest at a time. It is available with a curved shape and straight shapes and enough space to move two or more receptionists at a time. The L-shaped reception desk provides a special space to write and move to the receptionist. Even though it is manufactured for different needs, size-vise it is small and gives enough space to move only a receptionist. A u-shaped reception desk can be used in a large waiting room and can appoint two or more receptionists to attend to more number of guests at a time.
  •  Conference or meeting table– conference tables are also available in different types-

Board room style,  classroom style, banquet style, u shaped style,

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board room style conference table made with four tables pushed together creating a rectangular shape and offering every user giving sufficient legroom for comfortable sitting.

A U-shaped conference table is created by keeping many tables in u shape and this type of layout is convenient for video conferences, presentations, and training sessions.

The classroom-style conference table allows the students or users for learning and discussion facing the teacher or lecturer

  • Workstation- Office workstation is the major piece of furniture in the office. The workstation desk comes in clusters and nonclusters. Like 1-person workstations and 2-person workstations, 3-person workstations, 4-person workstations, and more with linear and face-to-face combinations. Workstations with wooden or glass partitions are most commonly designed.

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