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We at Highmoon decoration L.L.C, Tel: +9714-3790330, take pride in delivering our work performed by the top interior consultants and designers in Dubai for luxury retail fit out .If you are looking for retail interior design in Dubai, then you have just landed in the right place. Whether you are looking for unique retail decoration or , modern retail interior designs , you name it. We have it! Highmoon decoration LLC is an interior design and fit out company in Dubai that has catered from simple retail interior design to contemporary retail design. With over 9 years of experience and completing more than 700 projects, Highmoon' mission has expanded to a wide range of clients and services in Dubai. Your retail interior design identity is a precious asset. As a design consultancy we have always been involved in launching and implementing new retail brands fit out in Dubai. Because of this we have a unique insight on the process that can't be matched by store planners and retail architects. Our merchandise layout plans and space planning will make the best retail design in Dubai with use of proper retail shelving .perfect use of floor area and lighting will effect the atmosphere of the retail design in Dubai and attract more customers to your shop .

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Best Retail Design

Is the retail store just a box with shelves and display lights? A big NO! It should be an experience. Nobody wants to enter a dull, monotonous store anymore. A well designed, trendy layout never fails to catch the attention of the customer. Design and aesthetics are more than simple nuances of retail design today. See why-

At instoreMasters we have solutions for every type of store design queries. Whether it is for a new store or revamping an existing store, our team will help you from designing to creating the right retail appearance.

Why choose Highmoon Interiors?

With our 9 years experience we have a large bank of knowledge and expertise in the BTL industry. We use the latest available technology in designing and creating retail environments that will appeal to today’s net savvy generation. We use superior equipments for determining in-store traffic flow to produce the best comprehensive fixture solution for the customer's specific needs.

For us the client is the first and the most important component and we assure in-house controlled manufacturing of the primary materials which is used in the production of visually appealing interiors. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed as we are firm on the highest level of production controls and accurate scheduling.

We are renowned for our professionalism in providing the best solutions for the store interiors. We have been striving to bring forward a new standard of retail design all over the UAE. Our work is spread across UAE -Dubai. We have arranged strategic partnerships with top manufacturing companies in the UAE, Germany and Italy to bring our clients the top notch products at the best prices

5 Highly Professional Tips on Dubai Retail Design

The independent Dubai retailers are always suffering from the fever of getting high in competitions. They have to stand out and leave behind the big brands and large chain store retailers. However; the big brands can easily make a difference as they have money to invest in latest trends and to hire reputed designers as well.

As a matter of fact, following the latest trends is not easy. It needs a lot of research, expertise and money. The customers have visited so many well designed stores before yours and they expect the same from you. If you don’t want to disappoint them and please them even better than the big retail stores in Dubai, then pick these 5 highly professional tips in low budget, and enjoy the success.

1- Paint Bold or Pick Accent Wall Graphics

A very cost effective technique which can actually give your retail design strength and enhancement is to paint one wall with a bold color. You can also choose different styles of paints including horizontal stripes for breadth and vertical stripes for longevity. You can also get a nice graphic design printed for a wall. Graphics are amazing in creating illusions and they are also brilliant in diverting the attention to anything including the products.

2- Create Ambience With Lighting

Lights play such a role in your retail store that many designers believe it to be the only tool to boost sales. If you have a poorly lit retail store, then even the most beautiful items will go into darkness. The designs cannot be observed clearly. Poor lighting also slows down the thought process. On the other hand, lighting combinations and diversions can also create illusions thus repressing the designs and qualities of products. Make sure that the ambience created by lighting has added element of clarity and it provokes the desire to buy products and render services.

3- Work to Increase the Dwell Time

Time is money and this is why even the shopping time is becoming limited. People prefer buying online rather than going to the stores which is worsening the buy and sale process. It is very important to increase the dwell time and make the shoppers stay in the store for a long time. The big chain retail stores located in Dubai hire professional attendants to keep the shoppers in store. They also invest in better technologies and furniture including the flat screen TVs, music and expensive seating areas with mirrors where the shoppers can try their products. However; as a small retail store, you can pick from seating sofas, extra mirrors, tip cards on every products (which make up color to pick with these shoes), and information posters on the walls etc.

4- Branding and Improving POS Display

Display that enhances the presence of products and attracts customers to specific products can instantly change the appearance of your Dubai retail store along with a quick sales boost. Branding and POS display interrupts the attention of passerby people and attract them to get inside to at least ‘check’ the products.

5- Investing in Visual Merchandising

Window displays are a quick source of drawing people’s attention and provoking them to get inside the store. However; visual merchandising should be a blend of displaying the products as well as discussing the brand volumes. It is the only source to tell how big you are. Redesigning, space enhancement, and volume boost in a retail store are not very expensive activities if you do them creatively. However; they do bring big changes to your business. Big retail chain stores have practiced the art of boosting sales by attracting the human need for shopping with redesigning tricks.