The office furniture that respects your employees

Highmoon manufactures that kind of office furniture that respects your employees at your Sabah Al Salem office. The respect is not visible just in the looks of our furniture, but also in its quality. Our office furniture maintains decent quality that allows to enhance the longevity of your office as a whole. The office design concepts of many office in Sabah Al Salem and even in entire Kuwait will be converged towards your office if you install Highmoon’s office furniture there. Highmoon’s collection office furniture possess the highest amount of flexibility that suits your employees’ expectations well, making them feel more user-friendly.

Purely ergonomics based office furniture

Highmoon loves to see the smiles of happy working hours on the face of the employees, having enjoyed the comfortable ambiance our office furniture creates. We develop every piece of office furniture based on the ergonomic principles to give the employees the best user experience. Because we know that employees must be well treated and respected. Our training chairs, office chairs and so on reflects these qualities for sure.

office furniture sabah al salem

Your preferences make the perfect package

Before ordering your set of office furniture from Highmoon, you have to arrive the significant decisions regarding what kind of office space you are going to set up and what all kind of furniture you prefer to have there. If you prefer a highly official office alone, then you can go for Highmoon’s basic package that include executive desks, reception desks, office storage cabinets, conference tables, meeting tables, ergonomics tables, office chairs, workstations, desktop tables etc. But if you wish to add a slight casual touch also to your office, you can add luxury chairs, modular sofas, coffee tables, lounge chairs etc. to our basic package.

Manufacture & Supply

We have a large-scale manufacturing unit at Sabah Al Salem, and we supply office furniture for other Kuwait cities Hawally, Al Ahmadi, and Al Farwaniyah. We do sell the same at GCC Nationals like Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and Qatar.
For the branded office furniture, contact us: Email Id: Phone: +971-4-3790330 Toll-free: 800-4444-6666