Office Ceiling

Highmoon interior decoration llc are experts in supplying and installing suspended ceiling systems for the office. We offer a complete range of suspended ceilings and a professional fitting service and provide help & advice into cost, sound absorption & aesthetics.

Ceilings are often overlooked as part of refurbishments but the aesthetic effect of changing them can be stunning. They add so much to the overall look and can ‘make or break’ an interior design scheme.

Highmoon Interiors Complete Ceilings are:

Best Office Ceiling Designs

MDF Ceiling

Circular / rectangular bulkheads, features within ceilings to accommodate lighting and air conditioning cassettes.

Metal Ceiling

Exposed or concealed grid solutions allowing easy access to mechanical and electrical services within ceiling voids. A variety of finishes are available to suit all working environments / clean rooms / communications rooms etc.

Mineral Fiber

The most common of ceiling solutions giving a clean aesthetic look, combined with cost effectiveness.

Gypsum Ceiling

Ordinary ceilings are covered with some kind of tiles or other covering material. Plain gypsum ceilings are what they are called, thus made from plain gypsum. Although it might seem a little boring to have that kind of ceilings with nothing else than only plain gypsum, than think again as actually there are very many ways how you can make a plain gypsum ceiling look very good and interesting.