Choose that popular choice from Sharjah’s leading office carpet supplier

What if people start loving your Sharjah office for your attractive floors than the interior designs? Astonished? It is absolutely true. With Highmoon’s excellent collection of office carpets, your office floors will look stunning and you will be rewarded with a bonus of having a slip-free environment. So never miss out the privilege of using the perfect carpets of Sharjah’s leading office carpet supplier. Our carpets are modular in nature, allowing experimentations with different patterns of fixing them.

Differently shaped carpets from the best office carpet supplier

Highmoon supplies office carpets of different shapes, with an aim to ensure convenience of installation and more finish to your flooring. Initially, the carpets were available only in square shape and Highmoon realized the hiking demand for more shapes and so we introduced modular carpets in multiple shapes. We believe that the shape of carpets determines the versatility of your office floor’s layouts. With Highmoon’s carpets of different shapes in different rooms, your office floors will challenge the existing trends of flooring. With our square carpets, you mix them to form different combinations as per the nature of the room and add more beauty to the design of the entire room.

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Highest design flexibility

Highmoon’s office carpets offer highest levels of design flexibility than any other popular flooring solutions till date. Including digital infusion, varied techniques can be employed to try out different combination of carpets for your floor, adding brightness to the floor and also more visibility, finish, and color, making every floors unique from one another.

Easy installation and replacement

Highmoon’s office carpets are characterized by ease of installation, replacement and relocation. In case of installation, you shall use VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) adhesives to glue our carpets down, leaving simple access to the wiring beneath. If a single carpet is damaged, you can replace it individually without risking the other ones in the room. And if you want to relocate the carpets, you have cost-effective options to do the same, within such a short period of time.

Durability promised

It is a fact that nowadays many of the companies prefer to bring seasonal changes in the office structure and interior designs in tune with the changing trend of the global tastes. But Highmoon always foresees a long-term existence of the flooring patterns of the offices and so we provide extremely durable office carpets for your office, without imposing the tension of dusty floor conditions.

Irresistible offers with large-scale supply

Located at Sharjah, Highmoon has large-scale supply of durable office carpets across the other UAE cities Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Um Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ajman. We sell the same at the GCC nationals like Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.
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