Modern office furniture and its specialties

Modern furniture really refers to furniture design which gained popularity in the mid of 19th century. It was prominent for its austere and neat furniture looks. Mainly the furniture is made with less ornaments on compared to traditional style and it had machine like simplicity. Evenness of the surface was also maintained to keep the surface smooth. The furniture are built in such a way that it is raised off from the floor providing more air flow. The material used was also changed from pure wood to plastic and molded plywood and melamine density boards (MDF). Polished metal furniture also become prominent in modern furniture making. Neutral colors specifically white are more included in the furniture design.

Buy the best modern office furniture in Nigeria

Highmoon office furniture has been manufacturing modern office furniture for over one decade and supplying office furniture through online in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa for over one decade. Modern designs of executive desk, reception desk, workstations, conference table, meeting table, chairs, sofa and storage & filling has been manufactures in our own production house in Nigeria.

Modern office furniture in Nigeria
  1. Modern furniture mainly contain high end furniture.
  2. Less ornamental design.
  3. Will be light weight.
  4. Easy to handle. Mainly can dismantle and fix it again.
  5. Will be in simple and classic design.
  6. Rather than using solid wood, furniture is made with MDF boards, plywood and metals.
  7. Neutral colors are mainly preferred especially white and grey.

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