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B e it a short business trip or a leisure travel, you would always want your stay to be a complacent one. Hence, creating a substantial ambience for the visitors becomes a necessity. The overall hotel experience is intrinsically linked to the hotel design evolution and often the direction and the style of furniture utilized completes and solidifies this evolution. A happy customer, seeks a great service with the right ambience. In other words, the hospitality furniture must provide the comfort and luxury that a customer seeks, thereby bringing more business.

We have been the leading suppliers of office furniture for the past 10 years and are an established brand in the gulf market. We have successfully taken up and completed numerous projects which prove to be the feather to our cap. With the head office in Dubai, we have an 8000 sq. showroom which houses a wide range of product samples for your perusal.

Our line of sophisticated hotel furniture help create the perfect, relaxing atmosphere that is essential for hotels, apartments and even spas and wellness centers. We feature a wide range of lounge chairs, luxury sofas, leisure sofas and sofa sets that are perfect for hotel lounges, lobbies and reception areas. We also possess seating collection which include arm chairs, chaise couches, modular sofas, dining chairs, outdoor seating and much more. These are complemented with our diverse collection of sleek and stylish coffee tables. We make sure that the hotel guests enjoy a restful and peaceful night sleep by providing them with the comfortable beds which are available in various designs and sizes. We believe in completing the look and hence provide the essentials such as nightstands, bedside tables and much more from our product range. Apart from this our vast range of products include executive desks, office chairs, cabinets, metal furniture, educational furniture, leisure sofas, sofa sets, economic furniture and our furniture collection sets which are crafted by our professional designers and the in house manufacturing team.

We understand your needs and make sure that you get what you have paid for. The distinctive design and style of our products are sure to leave a mark on your customers and offer a unique and memorable experience to your guests and clients.