Modern Interior Design Concepts in Dubai

Interior Design has a variety of classifications. We have modern interior design, Luxury interior design, contemporary design, simple interior design, warm interior design, bright interior design, cool interior design, colorful interior design, Blue interior design, Orange interior design, white interior design, green interior design, red interior design, yellow interior design, classic interior design and many more. Modern is the one most special. No limit in ideas and no of materials to be used for the interior works. We can use any kind of materials we want such as glass, steel, wood, , wall paper, paint, natural stones, lots of acrylic, more spotlights, down lights, hidden lights, all types of flooring (ceramic, laminated, or wood concept), mix flooring, mix ceiling (60 x 60, gypsum or wood ceiling). The modern look of your office depends from your office interior contractor. For Highmoon Decoration, finishes needs quality to bring everything perfect. We are the best company providing best modern design; best build up and best services. Call us at 04-3790330.

Modern Interior Design Concepts

People spend about 25% – 50% of their time in their office. As you can see, it is a lot of time. Therefore, making your office comfortable and presentable – or even beautiful if you could – is necessary. Otherwise, working in your office will be the least pleasant time of your day and will consequently affect your work and your morale badly. Below are some tips from the Best Quality Fit-out Contractors on how to improve your office settings:

  1. From time to time, look at your office as if you are seeing it for the first time. First impressions matter a lot. What others feel when seeing your office will reflect on how popular your work is. Therefore, look at it from others point of view and make sure it is always clean, neat and stylish. Highmoon Decoration LLC, one of the best fit-out companies in Dubai can help you decide the kind of look your office may be as it is our field of expertise,
  2. Do you know that the colors used in an office reflect – to a large extent – the type of activity your company does? Therefore, pick colors that suit your line of work. If you are working in a conservative line of work, like insurance or banking, use soft neutral colors. On the other hand, companies that have a creative line of work, like interior design or fashion design, need colors that inspire fun and creativity in their offices. For any of your interior design needs, choose Highmoon Decoration LLC.
  3. Whatever your line of work is, there is a big chance that you have – and need – a big pile of books and paper documents. Loads of papers mean clutter, and clutter means a messy hard – to – clean office. Keep your office tidy at all times. It will not only make it look better, but it will make your work easier as well. Humans function worse in cluttered. It would be advisable to have a proper storage system in all your documents and files. A leading interior design company can help you with your storage solutions.

In addition from the above, the productivity of your employees plays a vital role when designing your office interiors. Most employees are more productive in clear and quite environment around them. Here are some modern ideas to design a productive office environment.

Top Modern Interior Design Concepts in Dubai

Best Quality Modern Interior Design Concepts in Dubai


Opting for the right selection of partition will ensure a quiet and a private environment for your employees to be able to work properly. If you have an open plan office, you may choose the half-height screen to keep some sort of communication among your employees. The floor-to-ceiling office partition is used when the nature of your work requires more concentration. This kind of partitions is usually made of foam-core plasterboard or cloth covered wood or metal.

You may opt for the flexible accordion floor-to-ceiling partition to prevent the spread of sound and give your employees the privacy they need. The glass partition will give your office a bright and an active look letting the natural light spread in every corner of your office. The light weighted and wheeled partitions will be the right option if you intend to move them regularly.


These working pods also encourage employees to collaborate outside the boundaries of meeting rooms and interact with individuals in other departments that they may normally never have a reason to interact with. Lounge seating and playful gathering spaces that promote socialization will increasingly become the norm, even outside UAE country.


While office spaces are becoming more collaborative, there’s still a need for private areas to have a phone conversation or a closed-door meeting. Laverty says more and more companies are mixing up their space design—incorporating open desks and impromptu break areas as well as small meeting spaces, phone rooms, and conference rooms to support the various types of work that are required in a given day.


You can thank the open office movement for changing the hierarchy of working relationships. No longer do CEOs and senior management view the corner office as a luxury. Instead, more and more CEOs are moving to the floor, encouraging collaboration and a sense of community. Sharing the floor allows management to stay involved, know what’s going on and participate in a more meaningful way.


We’ve all heard the news: sitting is the new smoking. In addition to back and neck pain associated with sitting at our computer desks all day, research has proven that our sedentary lifestyle takes a toll on our health, increasing our risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In response to the chair’s threat on our lives, more and more workplaces are encouraging people to move throughout their day. Desk alternatives including standing desks have risen in popularity.

But furniture alternatives aren’t the only way companies are promoting physical health through office design. Laverty sees many offices adding bicycle storage and spaces for squeezing in a quick workout or stretch while at work.


If you have a working office and need to increase the productivity of your employees, you will need to choose the office furniture that will encourage the collaborative atmosphere to let the new ideas born. This way is proved to give your employees a comfortable feel and let you manage your business easily and effectively.

The modern office communal furniture need to be sleek, streamlined, and attractive to give your work office a flowing look. You can find a collection of such furniture with the same height to be easy to move around and see the moving people. You can help your workspace in your office to be dynamic using walnut wooden chest of drawers that has a shelf and two cubbies in addition to the worktop and a fixed desk lamp.

You can add a communal feel to your modern office installing fun furniture pieces such as the playful ping conference table. The suspended swing table will be another amazing choice to let your employees and customers reduce their stress of work. Such a round table has fun chairs on the shape of a circular swing with a variety of wires holding up the chairs. If you need to create private meeting space in your office, you will be able to purchase a cellulose meeting pod that will enhance the relations among your employees as it will create honest exchanges.

The adaptable modern desk consists of two workspaces partitioned with a clever swiveling whiteboard. Such a panel can be transformed to a presentation screen to increase the functionality of your work office. The strategically adjusting standing desks have easy-to-use touchscreens to control the desks’ height and tell your employees how much calories they burn every day.

Use comfortable furniture in your office to have a warm atmosphere. To have an organized office you should buy furniture that has clean lines to keep any confusion away. You don’t need a high budget to achieve that, professional and simple items can give you an innovative atmosphere in the office. Highmoon Office Furniture will give you what you want as this was the base of its manufacturing.

A fresh look in the office gives the employees the motive to keep working so don’t hold back in getting a furniture style that gives a fresh atmosphere. Get the innovative collection from Highmoon Office Furniture for your office and get ready to get surprised about the result and how it will affect your employees work.