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Highmoon Interior Design Company was founded from 2007 by a simple man named Mr. Kalamegam Natarajan in Dubai Market. This is the first interior design company in Dubai which started to make a low budget ceiling design, low budget cove lighting design giving a simple modern ceiling design look of an office and even providing the most economical wall paper design. Highmoon is always giving hidden light option to client as the light affect directly to the eyes. Hidden lights will bring beauty of the interior works of an office. But we are very careful on very important details so as to give quality finish. We are the best and top listed interior design company in Dubai.

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The work environment is evolving at many companies these days, resulting in the need for new office interior design. At some businesses, for example, individual cubicles and offices are being dismantled in favor of a more open environment in which an employee's work station is wherever he happens to plug in his laptop.

Whatever the specific interior design, the emphasis today is clearly on being lean and flexible, says Highmoon interior design company in Dubai. We are one of experts and we consulted to come up with questions small-business owners should ask before designing or refashioning an office interior design to meet the requirements of today's fast-changing workplace.

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More companies are knocking down walls and cubicles to create more open space interior design. Now, top executives and managers may even sit in open areas with other employees. Highmoon designer recalls an office we designed for an investment bank, where we used glass instead of solid walls and provided open space for "impromptu get-togethers." The owner of the firm wanted people out in the open to convey an image of transparency to clients. An open interior design also can encourage team spirit. When you open things up, all of a sudden, you have a vitality and transparency that encourages conversation, participation and learning. We are the best interior design companies in Dubai as well as in the whole UAE country. Interior Design is our expertise may it be for commercial office interior design, retail interior design, residences interior design, showrooms interior design, studios interior design, restaurant interior design and a lot more.

While you may want a more open office interior design, it's still important to provide spaces where employees can work quietly on individual tasks or simply have a private conversation. People spend about half their time in "focus mode," so the office needs to have a mix of "me spaces" for individual work and "we spaces" for group work. This is Highmoon Interior Design company in Dubai concepts. We suggest an interior design with privacy rooms where there are no visual distractions.

Office Interior designers used to plan for about 250 square feet per employee, which includes a walled workspace with a desk for a computer and personal items, such as photographs. Now that number has dropped to 150 square feet. The photos are on each person's laptop, which can move from home to the office and then to different locations within the office. Highmoon Interior Design Company calls it a "'work from anyplace" mindset, and with an increasing number of companies letting employees work from home certain days, the office may only be partially occupied at any given time. "You don't want to pay for more space than you have to," This is another concept from Highmoon Interior Design Company.

As it becomes more common for employees to work at least partly from home, companies need to be concerned about home office interior design, too. Ergonomics is an important but often overlooked issue in home offices. "Being huddled over your laptop at the kitchen table is not the way to go," says Highmoon Interior Design Company Director of Interior Design, Mr. Kalamegan Natarajan a Dubai UAE City-based architecture, engineering and planning interior design firm. The computer monitor should be positioned properly relative to your chair and desk height to avoid stress and strain on your back, neck, shoulders and eyes. You also need the right kind of lighting to reduce glare and eye strain. You might hire a consultant to help your employees set up their home interior design. Alternatively, "your health insurance provider might have information available to assist employees with home office interior design set up," Mr. Kalamegan Natarajan says.