Classic Interior Design and Decoration

Most individual at the start of any classic interior design project, wonder in what style should they create their interior home/office decoration in order to feel good in that environment. Highmoon Interior Design Company will emphasize the main characteristics for each one of the classifications of each interior design concept. We will try to join some interiors or products that illustrate each style separately. If someone likes classic lines, we can’t suggest something modern because we believe that what is proposed isn’t represented for client taste, devoid of atmosphere, simple and will not transmit anything.

1. Modern Minimalist Style

This classic interior design style is a form of extreme accuracy; nothing is too much, without heavy backgrounds. The emphasis its classic interior decoration is on simplicity, the colors may be dull or bright, in any case flashy colors. Pieces are either geometric shapes – square, rectangular, round, but the surfaces are clean, no scenery, no details. Minimalist modern style of interior design by its name, illustrates the simplified forms. Ask advice from the best classic interior design company if you wanted to pursue with this kind of design,

2. Classic Style

This kind of interior design is a refined style, developed, rich in details, which are found both in the structure of furniture, lighting, etc. as well as in sets and prints. The furniture is the “art” type, carved or inlaid details. Apply decorative with floral elements, vegetable, various leitmotif or scenes drawn from legends. When you opt to choose a classic look in your environment, it is important to make a full research and reviews of an interior decoration company you may wish to work with. Choose a company which understands your taste and requirements.

3. Rustic Style

This kind of interior decoration is not so common. Its style structure is a crude, rough details, structure elements of furniture / lighting can be in tree trunks, logs, branches, jute. Style is found in mountain vacation homes, rural.

4. Classic Reinterpreted Style

It is a refined style, elegant, where classic forms details are found in a new approach. The forms preserves the structure of old forms or parts in general updating them sometimes or some elements of a furniture style combined with modern elements, creating that fusion between old and new. Finishing parts are in a new approach-painted and varnished, with different and innovative colors, surface gold, silver, finished with patina or serigraphic. It is important to choose the best interior decoration company if one opt to choose this kind of design as this one is kind of tricky and needs careful and detailed planning.

Classic Interior Design Decoration

Best Classic Interior Design

5. Retro Style

It is the style of ’50s, ’60s or ’70s. In that period it is anticipated design pieces to come. The songs have a playful approach, funny structure, their form and the play of colors and prints that we find in each piece. We find for the first time new approaches to interior design forms, yet they remain air-old began the design lines. Prints with geometric shapes, lines, plaid or printed with illustrations belonging to the Pop Art style.

6. Maverick Style

It is part of modern interior decoration style; its approach is very inventive, unusual and unconventional. Young, explosive, inventive not respect the rules. Structure can be obtained by joining pieces, overlapping volumes and volumes twisting colors can be randomly chosen even for the same room, seemingly nothing happens, only part of the excentrity of this style. You should be working with Quality Interior Design Company when choosing this kind of interior design.

7. Contemporary Style

The style is contemporary-modern style but maintains a hot line through selected finishes and color range used. The atmosphere does not seem very new, modern, cool. Colors are balanced, warm, bright tones and pastel can be out of the question when it comes to this style. Finishes warm, wood-veneer, solid wood doors with frames or appearance to look more polished and panels upholstered with leather or sometimes, may be characteristic of this style. Textile materials, velvet, plush, upholstered pieces for skin are often used in shaping the ambience characteristic of this interior design style. Scandinavian modern style can be defined as a contemporary style. Choose the best office/home interior design company for this kind of interior decorations.

8. High-tech Style

Hightech style is an innovative modern interior design style, the emphasis being on furniture structure where every detail of combination is not random and it is part of that structure. Screws, rivets, wheels apparent booms, rough metal finishes, appearances bulbs are specific to this style. The finishes used are often of metal, glass and plastic and wood in small proportions and for parts we find fabric-upholstered as simple as we can, leather. The colors are often dull-gray, white, small black scale.

9. Elegant Country Style

Rural style is elegant furniture style with influences from English, French or Scandinavian classic pure style can be called rural chic. Furniture finishes are nice, bright colors-white, pastel colors and forms were taking over traditional furniture but not abundant decorations. Surfaces are painted or sometimes have a slight pattern.

Whatever interior design preferences you may wish to do, Highmoon Decoration LLC (04-3790330) is the best interior design company for you! We cater any kind of interior design our client may wish to have for her office or home environment.