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Engineered wood flooring is globally used for flooring due to their stability and the elegance that brings to your interior. Highmoon parquet flooring has a wide range collection of engineered flooring with colors and material with ample choices at your end. Our products are made by multi-layer of natural wood or plywood which gives stability to the flooring. We give a Scratch resistant finish and provide a more economical solution to quench your thirst for your love for natural wood flooring. Choose a perfect engineered wood flooring in Dubai looking into our categorical collections and we deliver any your place anywhere in Dubai as well in UAE.

Engineered Wood Flooring

In spite of the way that it is the most usable type of flooring utilized today, very few are familiar with the term engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is fundamentally a wooden board comprising of genuine timber that has been squeezed into two or more layers. The layers are intentionally introduced to keep running in totally distinctive directions, making a more steady base than plain strong wood. Once the floor has been placed in, just the highest point of these layers can be seen. The multi-layer development of ecowood engineered flooring acts against greater temperature ranges experienced in the Middle east and minimizes the issues of extension and withdrawal.

Below are the characteristics of Engineered Wood:

100% Real Wood

Not at all like a large portion of the option alternatives accessible available, engineered wood flooring is quite made of genuine wood. This implies it is more strong and stable, as well as looks real and is liable to be more tough and durable, through the span of the lifetime of the floor it is well worth putting resources into. This level of continuance is an irregularity in other wood floors and is the fundamental reason that engineered wood flooring in Dubai remains the most obvious decision all around.

Ecofriendly & Biodegradable

At Highmoon we perceive wood's intrinsic excellence and expression. This implies each and every piece of wood is evaluated, and its characteristic structure and composition are used to make one of a kind wood floors with character and usefulness. Our flooring range incorporates huge numbers of the world's most delightful species of the most energizing parts of the globe all brought from feasible woods with ample and renewable assets. Utilizing cutting edge innovation, Eco-wood's multi-layer development with a wood flooring while giving a wonderful hardwood floor that will keep going for quite a long time.

Easy to Install & Flexible

Engineered wood flooring is anything but difficult to introduce yourself, something that is not too regular with flooring. Solid wood flooring requires enlisting somebody in, which costs cash, and it additionally takes a great deal longer to wrap up. On account of different variables, engineered wood flooring is far less demanding to introduce. Firstly, it requires a great deal less arrangement work, and the boards themselves are more adaptable. The engineered wood can be nailed over joists, and no plywood sub-ground surface is required ahead of time. In addition, as the top layer has been sanded and fixed ahead of time, once the floor is down, you can walk on it immediately. Other floor sorts require completing, so you need to hold up to really utilize them, which can bring about bother.

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