Flooring Suppliers in Dubai

Being one of the leading flooring suppliers in Dubai, Highmoon Flooring is a subsidiary of Highmoon a decade old company having in hands experience in Interior, office furniture and fit outs in all across the GCC. Highmoon have vision to embed your workplace with our customized Highmoon Office Furniture in a way you like to be. No interior is complete without furniture, flooring or wall covering. Highmoon Flooring comes up with a solution. We Highmoon being in the interior design field for a decade, we take much care to pick only the best products and supply to your place. Highmoon Flooring provides a variety of flooring that suits your needs. You visualize your Office interior and we Highmoon make it true with our customized Highmoon Office Furniture and Highmoon Flooring is providing flooring that suits your taste and the furniture coloring. Highmoon Flooring has a wide range of collections of laminate flooring, parquet flooring, engineered wood flooring, wooden flooring, carpet flooring, ceramic flooring and wallpaper covering.

Laminate Flooring Suppliers:

Highmoon Flooring supplies the high quality laminate at your place in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. Highmoon Flooring in Dubai offers a wide choice of variety of woods, variety of colors and beautiful raised textures and grooves. Highmoon Laminate Flooring is easy to install and durability are more. Highmoon provides flooring with a scratch guard layer which provides scratch resistance. It is easy to clean laminate flooring, as they come with sealed surface. Highmoon Flooring remains the same with color under normal sunlight condition. We have all latest trendy collections that suits your office and home.

Engineered Wood Flooring Suppliers:

Engineered wood flooring provides flooring that posses superior strength and stability in terms that they are less susceptible to changes in temperatures and humidity. Engineered flooring Dubai provides flooring with high moist resistance property so it could be installed in the kitchen and bathroom still giving a look of natural wood finishing. Highmoon Engineered flooring can be installed as installed as a floating floor and easy to be handled.

Flooring Suppliers in UAE

Harwood Flooring Suppliers:

Highmoon provides hardwood flooring with authentic style of natural wood. We provide flooring that are carefully screened and are selected making sure of their origin. Hardwood Flooring is easy to install. Highmoon hardwood flooring provides flooring that is specially designed and tested for use.

Vinyl Flooring Suppliers:

Vinyl Flooring gives the choice of making your office or home stylish. Highmoon provides vinyl flooring with a wide variety of colors and designs. We provide flooring that is totally sound proof and water resistant. Highmoon Vinyl flooring can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Highmoon Vinyl Flooring is easy to clean as the top layer is sealed with a scratch guard layer.

Carpet Flooring Suppliers:

We have good collections of the best carpet collections in Dubai. Highmoon provide the best carpet that is manufactured in the UK, which is a World leading carpet manufacturer. Highmoon has huge collections of loop piled carpets and cut pile carpets manufactured by leading brands. Highmoon Carpet Flooring provides carpet with high density yarn so it is easy to clean. Highmoon Carpet Flooring is easy to install and they are anti stains. We provide excellent carpet flooring for those who dislike noise. We supply carpet planks with dimensions that easy to install and variety of designs and colors.

Ceramic Flooring Suppliers:

For ceramic tile lovers, we have good collections of ceramic tiles with varieties and colors. Ceramic flooring gives the elegance to your workplace with a theme designed with your interest. Highmoon can make your place best with designs. In Highmoon, ceramic flooring will supply to your place with best collections in Dubai, UAE.

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