Office Interior Fit Out Contractor

OFFICES today demonstrate an increased focus on flexibility and collaborative space, leading to more and more organizations questioning traditional design and embracing the evolving trends of informal meeting rooms, break out areas, and open plan spaces.

Moving OFFICES or having an OFFICE renovation can be one of the most stressful events to take place within your company’s history, that is why it is essential you appoint the right interior fit out contractor to make it as cost effective and smooth as possible.

Below are five key factors to look for when choosing your Interior Fit out CONTRACTOR:


The technical elements of an interior office fit out accounts for approximately 60% of the overall project. These elements range from air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, IT services, lighting and electrics. Therefore it is important that you chose with the top office interior fit out contractors to work with and retain these skills in-house in order for the project to run smoothly.


When it comes to the team you will be working with, it is important that you have met everyone involved, including the directors. These are the people who will be helping you achieve your desired interior fit-out designs, so they are the ones you need to be able to communicate with at all times. It is important that in the initial meeting you know who will be working on your project and what roles they hold. This way you know who to turn to for the various elements of the process throughout the entire interior office fit out.


How many other projects have your prospect office interior contractor have completed previously and who for? You need to have an in-depth understanding of the size of the companies they have worked with, the cost of these projects and their industry sectors. Without this information it is difficult to see how they will work with your company in particular. A design and build company with extensive experience will be confident in tackling any project size, cost and industry, as well as tell you what will work and what wont, in order to achieve your desired office interior fit out, on time and within budget.


How much do they know about your project plans? Have your interior fit out contractor done the research into the building itself by looking into any possible issues they may face and the different elements involved to be able to give you a full office interior fit out works, as well as be prepared to overcome any obstacles along the way? Without doing their research it is likely the project will not run as professionally and smoothly as it could.


Nothing will demonstrate a company’s success better than what its existing clients have to say about it. The quality interior fit out contractor should be able to provide you with a list of references for previous WORK, as well as offer you the chance to visit completed interior fit out works yourself. Ideally you want to have a look at the work they have completed for companies that are a similar size to yours, with similar design goals, budgets and timescales. This way you can get a real insight into how this interior fit out contractor will work with you.

Highmoon Decoration LLC – Best Interior Fit out Contractor

We are here to make your business work!

Being known to be the best interior fit out contractor in Dubai, our job is to see the bigger picture – how your business and the people within it come together. To create an office interior fit out solutions based on your individual routines and group dynamics, on your daily needs and overall business goals.

And we get there by always working closely with you. It keeps us updated and on our toes, enables us to act fast and provide the highest level of service. We’re with you throughout the whole process or for as long as you want. Our expertise is all yours. That is how we stay true to our mission, to what Highmoon Decoration LLC is made up of. That is our way of making your business work.


We optimize your workspace. Regardless of the size of your company.

Whether you are a large corporation in need of a complete new office interior fit out solution where we handle everything from project management to delivery or if you are a small business that simply wants to match your ideas with our vast product range, we will also assist you in choosing your finishes such as lighting, carpets and curtains. Whatever role you have in mind for us - as advisors, producers, a supporting partner or all of the above - our aim is always to put all the pieces together, making the best of your resources and our expertise.


To us, there is nothing more rewarding than a customer who feels that the office interior fit out works we’ve provided has a positive impact on staff satisfaction and helps increase overall company business targets.

Flexible – Highmoon Decoration LLC acknowledges that all customers are unique and that each office interior fit out works is based on individual needs.

Inspiring – Highmoon Decoration LLC drives innovations and is at the absolute forefront in adapting the latest market trends for office interior fit out solutions.

Sustainable – Highmoon Decoration LLC is an industry leader in taking a corporate responsibility for the environment but we are just as devoted to maintaining sustainability in social, cultural and economic issues. Our commitment to only provide solutions that are based on real customer needs is a direct result of this mindset.

Curious – We take great pride in everything we do. By maintaining our constantly curious attitude towards the world around us we can better understand the needs that our solutions are designed to meet.

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