Office Interior Fit Out

Whether you’re just reconfiguring desk layouts, having a full office interior fit-out works or looking for an entirely new office building, then practicality, working relationships and personal wellbeing should figure highly on your list of priorities.

Solutions for your Office Interior Fit-out

A great office interior fit-out will accurately mirror your core values and strategic objectives and will increase the productivity in your staff. Think workflows, work styles and welfare.


It’s a relatively straightforward process to establish which teams and individuals interact with one another and how – face-to-face or side-by-side or in passing. Situating teams, departments and heads of departments logically according to workflows and working relationships means better communication and collaboration, which directly impacts on productivity, service quality, response speeds, office politics, duplication of effort, customer service and more besides.

And it’s not only the workflow between team members that matters; think about the interaction between people and shared printers, photocopiers, the post room, the teleconference suite. Who are the main users? And while you’re at it, do they need to be using those facilities as much as they do?

Work styles

It’s a broad topic, covering everything from field-based staff visiting the office interior, client visits, meeting room usage, teleconferencing, use of technology and how static or mobile within the office each person’s role requires them to be. Making efficient use of space is the key to a good office interior design layout. Be prepared to challenge preconceptions and look for improvements. Are you dedicating too much space to meeting rooms? Could hot-desking be introduced? What is a key client’s route through your office?

Staff welfare

Most companies recognize that without their people, they’re out of business. There’s also a serious cost implication in staff churn – recruitment, training, time and money spent on advertising and interviewing. And we all know that happy staffs are productive staff. They work harder, grumble less, stay longer, recommend your business and make much better brand ambassadors.

Your office interior fit out design, and particularly the layout and access to facilities, has a large bearing on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Think of the old corporate cliché about the director with the big, plush office and the floor to ceiling windows offering a staggering view across the city. Picture the admin or customer support team tied to their desk for 7.5 hours a day, headset permanently plugged in, stuck in the innermost part of the office under a fluorescent light tube, with a view of the sky through a far-off window at best. It’s unlikely those staff feel appreciated and happy; fed up and even resentful is more likely.

In most workspaces it’s perfectly possible to provide a pleasant office environment for everyone and, while it’s not just about layout, sensitive space planning, design, break out areas, comfortable chairs and ergonomic desks are all basics that too many companies overlook.

Enhanced Efficiency through Top Office Interior Office fit

A well designed office interior will increase the efficiency of your staff. This will in turn affect the overall profitability of your organization. Studies have shown that staff productivity can increase by up to 25% if they are working in a well-designed office or commercial space.

You may find that you don’t need as much space as you currently occupy, and our interior designers will ensure that any idea or solution they recommend ensures your office interior fit-out is utilized as efficiently as possible and where practical make suggestions as to how you could reduce your overall running costs, perhaps by reducing the amount of space you lease. We would strongly recommend that you review your office accommodation or commercial space on a regular basis and not wait for such traditional trigger points such as lease expiry and overcrowding.

Why Choose Highmoon For your Office Interior Fit Out?
A World Class Office Design Team

If you have an office that is in need of a fresh interior fits-out scheme or a full office interior fit out, then you will be well aware of the many problems you can face when you are trying to search for the quality interior fit-out company. Naturally the two biggest problems you will face will be the quality if works from the potential office interior fit-out contractors and designers and ability to deliver the works on time.

Our world class, in house architect designers have many years experience in leading office interior fit out projects and will work with you to produce ideas and solutions. They will ensure that every area of your office interior fit out design project receives their full attention. We find that by immersing ourselves in your world it enables us to understand your business challenges and office or commercial space limitations, this then allows our office interior fit out designers to produce top quality office interior fit-out design ideas and test high performance options, which ultimately we use to produce an inspirational office design solution that will give your business and its staff both the vision and motivation it needs to exceed your goals.

We have managed complex and logistically challenging office fit out interior design projects throughout Dubai and all over UAE, allowing our clients to be free to deal with managing the smooth running of their organization.

We take care of your office interior fit out project from concept to completion. From the initial design consultancy meeting to the final handover, we leave you free to manage your day to day activities. Our dedicated top quality office interior consultants will regularly meet with you, ensuring you are kept fully involved and are provided with the progress updates you require. This focused point of contact leaves you feeling secure and relaxed in the knowledge that your office interior fit out project is in professional hands, with the answers to your questions a single phone call away.

Our experienced project managers are continually checking the work that we do to ensure that your office interior fit out works is completed on time and within budget. Please contact Highmoon Decoration LLC (04-3790330) for your office interior fit out needs!