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Needs idea about your office fit out design? Then consult with Mr. Kalamegam Natarajan of Highmoon Decoration LLC at 055-9477776 / 0529477776. Mr. Kalam makes your dream office come true. He plans about your office, design your office and build your office. Put all your doubts together. Highmoon Decoration LLC is one stop company for all your office fit out needs. We offer all the best of us to be of your best service.

We just need you to work with us closely and tell us what would be your business plan for the next 5 years. We believe that you cannot change all the time as it is very costly so we design an office in accordance to your business plans. If it is only minor modification of an office or adding some furniture then it would be easy. But if you want to add extra employees in the near future then better plan ahead as you have to spend a lot of money and time for another renovation. So we suggest to plan for 5 years for your office fit out works. If you are having hard time to design an office considering this factor, then feel free to come to Highmoon Decoration LLC (04-3790330).

We are giving time to plan out for your office fit out needs. We give advice for the space you need, how much area each employee may require. We visit the site to get the actual measurement to avoid problem during the fit out works, design the office as per the measurement and provide you with the accurate lay-out. A proposal quotation will be sent once our design will get approved then we can proceed with the next step. We are also giving 3 to 5 years free maintenance works as we value all our clients and we want to maintain our relationship with them.

Find the right contractor for your fit out works. Highmoon Decoration LLC would be the best fit-out company for you!

Office Fit-out Contractor Perspective

Office fit-out clients tend to be end-users and are not necessarily experienced construction clients. Consequently, this market calls for experienced teams that can deliver to fixed time, cost and quality criteria with minimum direction or management from the client. Both Office Fit-out Contractors and Office Fit-out Consultants who can sell their experience as a specialism can successfully exploit the sector.

Diverse organizations such as legal practices, banking institutions, government agencies and media consultancies all operate in different ways. Consequently, they have differing requirements for space usage, density of operation, technological capability, levels of building servicing, quality of finishes, speed of completion, capital cost and costs-in-use.

The nature of any best office fit-out works will be broadly governed by five key considerations:

Office Fit-out Client Perspective

Choosing an office fit out specialist will help take the pressure off, from conducting initial space plans and ideas to implementation, you can rely on the best quality office fit-out company to provide you with a workspace design that not only is aesthetically pleasing but will also boost morale and increase productivity because our designers create spaces that work for your business.

10 steps to successful office fit out

When it’s time to decide on relocating to a new office or refurbishing your current workspace, you’re making an investment in the future of your business. Here’s how you ensure you get the maximum return.

'It’ll be easy to iron out minor creases if you catch them early.'

Step 1: This is a big decision and it requires due care and attention. You need a strong but calm and reasoned project leader and a project team comprising all key departments. And a clear idea of your budget.

Step 2: Research. What works in your workplace and what doesn’t? What are your limitations and aspirations? What’s the long-term strategy? Is technology helping or is it hampered? We analyse your workspace and workflows, opinions and moods, costs and benefits, goals and needs.

Step 3: Building search & survey. If your current workspace isn’t right – in cost, location or spatial needs terms – you need one that can carry you through the next decade and beyond. A commercial property agent can find your new home and secure it on the right terms.

Step 4: Choose your fit-out specialist. Now you need an office refurbishment or Office Fit-out Contractor to evaluate your workspace options architecturally, mechanically and electrically, and financially. Its pros and cons time and outside expert insight will help you make the right decision.

Step 5: Design development & approvals. Here’s where your new workspace takes shape, considering everything from colour schemes and materials to collaboration space, workflows and departmental relationships. Give your office interior designers and office fit out contractors all the support, information and feedback you can.

Step 6: Lead-in to build. If you want to do an office fit-out works, keep a watchful eye on productivity. Work closely with your office fit-out contractor to plan the refurbishment for minimal disruption and keep the whole office informed.

Step 7: The build and furniture installation. After all that planning you might be tempted to take a back seat during the fit-out. Don’t. Be proactive and don’t be afraid to ask your office fit-out contractor questions and make suggestions.

Step 8: Dilapidations. The least exciting part of any office relocation, but get it wrong and it could cost you dear. Commercial dilapidations clauses demand you leave your old office space as you found it. Make sure you are in partner with the best quality fit-out company and they should have everything in hand.

Step 9: The big move. Get the best office removal firm you can, based on your best quality office fit-out contractor’s recommendations. Back up your data, brief your staff and set up an orientation and welcome session or training pack for their brand new workspace.

Step 10. Relocation or refurbishment review. Once staff is settled and normality has returned, there’s bound to be the odd niggle. Get the project team together and conduct a full office review. It’ll be easy to iron out minor creases if you catch them early.

Highmoon Decoration LL – Best Quality Fit-out Company in Dubai

No project is too big, no request too demanding. We deliver all of our office fit outs on time, on budget and on specification. When you work with us you can have total peace of mind.

Highmoon Decoration LLC fit out works specialist in Dubai, undertakes fit out works since 2007, ranging in size from 700 sq. ft. upwards. Each office fit out performed by our company has been unique and delivered on time and within a budget.

Office fit out companies in Dubai starts from the pre-approval by the licensing authorities, ending with your completion certificate, ready for you or your customers to move in. We realize that time is money so we always stick to the previously compiled plan.

All our office fit out works are expertly managed by qualified and dedicated project managers who ensure critical deadlines are always met, quality standards are adhered and the end result matches our Client's expectations.

Effective and efficient Project Management calls for attention to detail, prudent resource management, tight budget control, open and collaborative communication and exceptional client focus.

All our Project Managers are experienced professionals. They have been recruited because of their vast industry knowledge, their proven ability to manage and motivate like-minded people and their track record for delivering projects on time, within budget, and stick to very high standards. If you are tired of looking through dozens of office fit out companies in Dubai – call Highmoon Decoration LLC (04-3790330).

Would you like to increase employee productivity, maximize efficiency, minimize work-related stress and create a glowing first impression on customers? Discuss your Office Fit Out needs with one of our professional project managers today and get an obligation-free quote that will save you time and money and transform your office into an inspiring, productive workspace.

With our office fit out works proposals you’ll get:

Every Office Fit Out project undertaken by us focuses on keeping you informed every step of the way and planned to fit in with your operational needs.

Paying attention to detail we:

When considering your future office requirements - as with any commercial business decision – it’s critical to establish a clear strategy and defined objectives for office fit out companies in Dubai. Taking into consideration your own business plans and aligning them with your office needs is the best strategy. We provide you with clear information and knowledge to be sure, that your property strategy is successful.

Our designers and project managers completed thousands of projects around Dubai and UAE. A better physical environment within the office will boost the employee’s moral and ultimately improve their productivity. We know that every office has unique furniture and spatial requirements, lighting and heating arrangements and different levels of noise. You don't need any other office fit out contractor in Dubai - just call Highmoon Decoration LLC today (04-3790330)!

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