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So many times, we heard the word “Fit-out” especially in the UAE where it is known to be one of the progressive countries in the world. There are also so many companies in this country which are engaged into this kind of business. Some people are wondering what actually this word means. Highmoon Decoration LLC, fit-out company in Dubai, UAE will help you understand what “Fit-out” means, its different categories and how to carefully choose a fit-out company.

Fit out’ as defined by most Fit-out Contractor is a term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. It is often used in relation to office interior developments, where the base construction is completed by the developer, and the final fit out by the occupant. The occupant will generally be leasing space as a tenant from the developer / landlord. Depending on the degree of completion of the building, and the interior design specification required by the occupant, fit outs can take a range of different forms:

  1. Shell and core Fit-out
  2. Category A fit-out
  3. Category B fit-out
  4. Category C Fit-out

Shell and core fit out

Shell-and-core fit out will generally comprise the structure, cladding, base plant, completed common areas and external works. It will include fitted-out main reception, lobbies, staircases, toilets, lift shafts, basements, loading bays, car parking and so on. Here is Dubai, when we say shell and core office; it is oftentimes referred to as an empty office wherein there is no much of the design involves or any amenities being placed except for the centralized AC, basic electrical wiring or the FA/FF system. The same is true with shell and core residential, shell and core retail, shell and core F & B and shell and core health care. Highmoon Decoration LLC, leading fit-out contractor in Dubai is an expert of doing a shell and core office fit-out, shell and core residential fit-out, and core retail fit-out, shell and core F&B fit-out and shell and core health care fit-out.

Shell and core office

Fitting out an office is a daunting task for anyone who has been lumbered with the responsibility. So many businesses fail to correctly manage the fit out process leading to delays in moving office as well as the works being delivered over budget. This article provides a brief step by step guide to the most important aspects of your office fit out.

Hire the right office refurbishment supplier. Whether you are moving office or carrying out an office refurbishment on your existing premises, you will need to hire a professional fit out company to work with. They will be responsible for designing and building the office interiors as well as project managing the process. It is important that the company you hire has experience fitting out similar offices to yours and can provide good references for previous work

Create a project plan. The fit out process usually involves about 120 different steps. It is crucial that the timings of each step are planned in advance so that you and your project manager are aware of which fit-out contractors will be on site when and how far in advance you need to contact each type of supplier. For instance installing BT lines can have as much as a 90 day lead time. Therefore if you want to avoid being without phones in your early days in the new office you will need to be speaking to telecoms provider well in advance. Your fit out company should be responsible for coordinating these contractors but it is worth ensuring they have created a detailed plan and schedule for the works.

Category A fit-out

Category A fit-out generally describes the level of fit out that the tenant's own space is completed to by the developer. There is no standard definition, but a category A fit out may include.

Most businessmen and residences in Dubai and even across UAE often times take Category A office , category A residential, category A retail, category A F&B and category healthcare from well known developer wherein some of the basic fit-out of an office, residences, retail outlets, F&B and healthcare are already present and available and that tenants don’t have to spend so much money for the fit-out works

If the tenant has very complex fit out works requirements, this may impact on the category A fit out. In this case, they may make a contribution to the costs of the category A fit out to ensure that it meets their needs, and offset this against their own costs. This saves wasted time and money modifying the category A fit out. So many fit-out contractors in Dubai are in tandem with the developers in order to get some prospect clients who want their office to be designed and fitted as per their requirements.

Category B fit-out

Category B fit-out may it be Category B office, Category B residential, Category B retail, Category B F&B and Category B healthcare, is the the fit out of the internal space to the tenants’ requirements. This may include:

The developer may make ask the tenant to carry out some of their more sensitive category A works on their behalf during the category B fit out, when they may be less subject to damage. The developer will pay the tenant a sum equivalent to the cost of the works had they carried them out themselves. Often times, the tenant usually finds their fit-out contractor to do the Category B fit-out requirements. To understand fully, Category B fit-out works involves the interior design of the office, wherein tenants will give their specific requirements helpful in their daily business transactions.


Turnkey office fit-out, the developer/tenant fits out the building to a standard ready for occupation – it can include the furniture, this falls under Category C Fit-out. Often a developer or tenant undertakes a turnkey fit-out to sublet to occupiers who do not want the time and cost of their own fit-out. Category C Office, Category C residential, Category C retail, Category C F&B and Category C healthcare fit-outs is known to be costly as it includes everything that tenants require for their day to day operation. This also includes interior designs of the offices, residential, retails, F&B and healthcare to showcase their personal or company standard.

Turnkey developments

Highmoon Decoration LLC, fit out company in Dubai, turnkey development provides the tenant with spaces that are fitted out for the developer so that they are ready for use.

These categories do not have standard definitions, and so it is very important that contract documentation sets out precisely what work is to be carried out and by who, rather than relying on ambiguous short-hand terms.

Office fit-out clients tend to be end-users and are not necessarily experienced construction clients. Consequently, this market calls for experienced fit-out companies in Dubai teams that can deliver to fixed time, cost and quality criteria with minimum direction or management from the client. Both contractors and consultants who can sell their experience as a specialism can successfully exploit the sector. Highmoon fit out contractor is the best fit out contractor in Dubai.

What are the current Trends?

Highmoon Decoration LLC new ideas

Over the last couple of years we have seen a trend for more open-plan offices. With our clients’ desire to maximize efficiencies from the space they have, this trend will continue with flexible working becoming more prominent. Some sectors will require more certainty on the stability of their infrastructure, such as M&E services, to maintain the continuity of their business; disaster recovery and back up facilities will also become more prominent.

Highmoon Decoration LLC, best fit-out company in Dubai thinks the main difference is that when we deliver a fit-out project we are generally working for a tenant that has an imperative to move their staff into that facility by a given date, usually with their lease arrangement for vacating another building – usually to maintain a continuity of business. That means the project team has to become highly involved with the client’s facilities team to ensure that at practical completion everything aligns with their move requirements. Supply chain management is also critical to any fit out organization and their performance reflects on the ability of a fit out contractor to deliver within expectations.

Design Considerations

Efficiency/space planning The office fit-out can contribute significantly to corporate efficiency and operational effectiveness. Fit-out Consultants can play a key role in initiating debate with the client on space planning to maximize floor plate efficiency. This process may encompass the following: minimizing secondary circulation; maximizing the use of open-plan space; rationalizing space standards; and managing on-floor storage. Good design can also contribute to reducing churn costs by building in flexibility using demountable partitions, acoustic ceilings and services that can be utilised in both open plan and cellular scenarios. The benefits derived from added flexibility should be balanced against the capital cost premium associated with these measures. Highmoon Decoration LLC, the best fit-out company in Dubai can give free consultation and discussion on space planning with our highly experts’ architects and professional designers.

Acoustics The acoustic requirement of office fit-out projects has become a key priority in recent years following recommendations from client requirements for privacy and reduced noise transfer between offices. Often a specialist fit-out consultant is appointed to advise the project team on acoustics. It is important that the client’s expectations regarding noise are defined at an early stage as the level of noise reduction required, particularly in relation to cellular office space and flexibility of the floor plates, can have a significant impact on the cost and programme of the project. For example, partitions may need additional layers of plasterboard or staggered studs and may need to be constructed from slab to slab rather than raised floor to suspended ceiling. Ceiling tiles may also need to have acoustic backing panels, which will increase the cost and weight of the tile. Cross-talk ductwork-attenuators may be required between cellular spaces and acoustic shrouds may be required to stop sound transmission through the light fittings where these puncture the acoustic panels. Highmoon Decoration LLC, best fit-out contractor in Dubai has standardized the use of acoustic materials in any fit-out interior construction for sound control.

Lighting levels Lighting and visual display terminals are important design factors in offices. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) has published a good practice guide, Lighting Guide 3, which provides guidance notes on light distribution in the working environment where VDTs are used. This is not legislation, but most clients aspire to best practice, so the lighting installation in most high-quality offices will adhere to LG3. Accommodating LG3 will affect the cost of the lighting scheme.

Cooling levels and localised control of fresh air provision It is important to determine the client’s requirements for localised control of the cooling system to cellular offices as this could have an impact on the number of fan-coil units required, as well as the cost of the control points themselves. Highmoon Decoration LLC,

Audio visual AV installations now have a significant impact on most office fit-out projects; it impacts on both the services installation and the architectural elements. The AV installation is often integral to the joinery installation and therefore needs to be located and sized in advance of the design and manufacture of the joinery. Areas with AV installations often require specialist black-out blinds and lighting schemes.


It is common for lease agreements between landlord and tenant to require that on vacation of the space the tenant be responsible for the reinstatement of the floor to its original standard. This is an important consideration during the early design of the category B fit-out installation as most clients wish to keep the reinstatement costs to a minimum. Therefore, alterations to the base build and category A fit-out installation to accommodate the category B fit-out should be kept to a minimum.

An example of this on a recent project involved penetrating atrium glazing to accommodate a sprinkler installation thereby allowing heavy-duty usage of some atrium balcony space. The project team rejected the option because the cost of reinstating the glazing panels and the risk of sourcing the glazing panels following a long lease was too high.

The key programme factors for office fit-out works generally follow similar principles in terms of critical path items, size and complexity of the project. The following graph identifies 10 City and West End developments projects that have been undertaken recently, their size and the duration they took to fit out from shell-and-core standard.

The data above excludes the design and procurement period, which could take between six and 12 months. However, the design and procurement stages can be overlapped with the construction phase depending on the procurement route that is implemented.

When designing the office, try to make the best use of the available space, where is the plumbing located, where is the natural light coming from, how can you arrange the space to give employees the most amount of space in the available space etc.

Once you have the design in place they will need to be submitted to your landlord for approval. This is known as a License of Alteration and is required by law.

The build: Your fit out contractor should have a project manager on site to manage the building contractors. Once the build has been done ensure you do a full check and create a snagging list before signing off the project.

For any fit-out works you need, Highmoon Decoration LLC can help you at anything from shell and core to executing the category C fit-out works. As one of the leading fit-out contractors in Dubai, you can assure that you have the best partner in your interior design needs.