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Front Office Lighting and Fit Out

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Highmoon - Top Interior Fit Out Contractor in Dubai, UAE

We create design for your interior fit out. We build you interior requirements. Highmoon Decoration LLC (04-3790330) in Dubai for the last 9 years has totally done for more than 700 interior fit out works in several sectors. Most of our project is from commercial sector. However we don’t limit our capacities in there as we also have done prestigious residential projects especially for our existing valuable clients for commercial fit outs. We have built up a strong profile in the market able to provide what our client needs.

Fit Out Contractors Dubai

Mr. Kalam, Managing Director of Highmoon Decoration LLC has started his career as a technician, and then slowly step by step he was able to learn all the details of this field and start to improve his skills into an interior designer. Eventually, he started a fit out contracting works in Dubai market. Our company has done so many projects not only in Dubai but also in other Emirates of the UAE such as in Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Kaimah, Sharja, etc. We offer the best fit out services and we are now known as the best fit-out contractor in Dubai. We value your time and money as well as your design ideas and office furniture ideas.

Highmoon Decoration LLC leading fit out contractors in Dubai!

Fit out contractor responsibilities:
  • Office Design, Finishes and Visualization
  • Project Specification
  • Compliance Approvals
  • Project Programme
  • Project Insurance
  • Contractor Accreditation
  • Project Delivery
  • Works Scheduling
  • Fit-out Implementation
  • Contract Management
  • CDM Principal Contractor
  • Construction Phase H&S Plan
  • H&S Plan/Risk Assessments
  • H&S Set Up & Welfare
  • Display H&SE F10
  • Site Safety & Security
  • Site Safety Induction
  • CPD – Tool box talks
  • First Aider
  • Fire Warden
  • Waste Management
  • General labour
  • Cleaning
Interior Fit-out Projects in UAE

We’re often asked about the advantages of design and build over the conventional system of architect and general interior fit-out contractor. It’s a great question and

with over a decade of interior design experience under our belts, we feel like it’s a good time to call out our top reasons why the design-build system is the way

forward for the interior fit out sector in GCC and the wider Middle East Countries. It is evident that the design and build process is gaining momentum to become the

leading project delivery system in the GCC fit-out industry.

What is Design & Build

The design and build delivery method is a shift from the more traditional design-bid-build delivery of fit out contracts. Design build contracts are usually performed by the fit-out contractor, who is in charge of the design and is also responsible to build the project. A design and build contract is usually the preferred contracting method under tight schedule circumstances, and it is intended to save time and considerable cost. Successful design-build projects offer an owner many benefits that add value to a project. Reasons why you have to chose Design and Build for your next Fit-out Contractor

Single Point of Responsibility

In the classic design-bid-build method the owner must: select an architect / designer, finalize the interior design, bid the project, select a fit-out contractor, and then act as an intermediary. Design-build method fosters teamwork, creativity, and lends itself to better cooperation.

Cutting through the Competition

The interior design and fit out works industry is flourishing in the UAE as demand for new hotels, retail spaces, commercial real estate, schools and hospitals continue to grow, cementing the region as one of the fastest growing and most exciting in the world. Alongside this growth has come increased competition and owners and employers are finding themselves challenged with meeting a plethora of design, sustainability, cost, time and functionality specifications. Design and Build companies like Highmoon Decoration LLC, top fit-out company in Dubai, UAE engage the cream of the region’s design and architectural community who keeps their fingers on the pulse of the industry to ensure they are up to date with the latest trends and technologies to create innovative interior designs which people marvel at.

Speed of delivery from Concept to Completed Building

There is normally a much quicker delivery time than for traditional method. In its simplest form, design and build allows work on site to begin earlier (that is before the design is fully complete) than under traditional forms of fit out contract, because of the level of design control given to the fit-out contractor. Normally, the design and build procurement approach allows programs and budgets to be more easily met and the speed of construction is also often quicker.

Budget Management

Discussing budget during the design phase (not waiting until the bids come in) helps to keep the projects within a realistic budget. Communicating the cost implications of interior fit-out design decisions ensures that the owner or employer plays a key role in arriving at the final project price. Once the scope of work has been finalized, the project costs are clearly defined and controlled by the design and build firm. The design and build firm and the owner can now work together to establish what methods and materials will amplify the owners value. Once the budget is set, over runs rarely occur and are typically due to change orders implemented by the owner.

Packaging other services

Design and build firms like Highmoon Interior Decoration have taken the concept of single point responsibility a step further, assuming additional duties in our contracts. It is common for us to provide turnkey services, which often include performance testing and personnel training, so that the facility is ready to operate when the owner or employer "turns the key."

Improved Project Quality

Design and build interior fit-outs contractors inherently provides higher quality than the separate, often conflicting architect / designer vs. contractor approach. Because the design and build firm has responsibility for performance, it is motivated to build with high quality without losing the essence of the interior design.

Improved communications

Since the design parameters and budgetary goals of a project are being developed simultaneously it allows effective execution and communication between all parties. Understanding the parameters of a project amongst designers and fit-out contractors is a crucial step in this process. With everyone working together the owner has greater access to the project team throughout its development.

Significant Cost Savings

Potential cost savings can be realized with the Design and Build method because it has high value engineering capabilities due to the close coordination between the architect or designer and the fit-out contractor. Fit-out contractors like Highmoon Interior Decoration have direct and real experience with the cost of purchasing and installing materials and, in the design and build system, share that experience directly with the Design professionals during the Design Phase of the project. This process has the potential to translate into lower costs which savings can then be passed on to the Owner or employer.

Earlier Cost Visibility

The total cost of the project is apparent earlier with design and builds approach. In traditional design-bid-build, Construction costs are not known until bid opening, and it is possible to spend money on a design that the owner or employer cannot afford to build. All too often, construction bids exceed the budget, and the Project must be re-designed to bring it within the budget, thus delaying completion

Plenty of changes

This method allows changes without affecting cost. This is best for a client that wants the most interaction with the day-to-day of the construction process and wants to start construction of the shell of the project while still having time to decide what the tile pattern and the stove will look like.

Why Highmoon Interior Decoration for your next Design & Build Interior Fit-Out Project?

At Highmoon Interior Decoration, fit-out contractor in Dubai, we combine the flare and originality of architecturally inspired interior design, without the significantly higher cost implications and greater risk exposure of over budget designs, by seamlessly integrating it with collective knowledge, experience, buying power, systems efficiencies and securities of a group organisation with one line of accountability to you throughout the entire process. We work with world class designers to ensure that our clients get the best within their budget. We take care of the full process from initial client briefing to project completion and handover. At all times we are committed to deliver a solution that meets client budget, timescales and aspirations. Once the main elements of the work are complete Work space won't disappear we ensure you are delighted with the end result and provide continuing after sales support. For any queries on how we design and build your dream office/home, contact our company at 04-3790330.