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We have always known all about interior design and design firm in Dubai. However, it is so hard to find professional designers for the office and house interior with complete package not only knowing the design but also knowing the technical aspect. Most of the time, some of the fit-out contractors are facing problems such as the design is not matching in the actual site and/or the sizes is different in paper and in the actual. High moon Interior Design company is listing some tips for the interior design company in Dubai to follow:

1. First thing to do is to visit the site or project place and get all the existing details mainly the ceiling height. As you may know, height is the beauty of the interior works. Most of the interior designer take the maximum height of the false ceiling for the nice interior work result. Others are choosing open ceiling for industrial look.

2. The second important thing to consider for the office interior company is to follow architectural shadow gaps. This details is very important as it is very tricky and might be a cause of interior design problem if details are not followed thoroughly.

3. The work of the designer is not only to design but to understand and be aware of the actual site works. He has to give clear explanation to the technical people, client and sub-contractors to avoid miscommunication and wrong execution at the site. As a designer point of view, all the joineries has to be put in special attention to get high quality finishes.

4. Office Interior design company has to get clean and clear idea about the fit-out finishes. For example, an office table. What kind of finishes we want to give, matt finish paint or semi gloss finish paint or high gloss finish paint? We have to decide at the earlier stage to avoid project delay.

Office Interior Design Company

Top Office Interior Design Company

5. Office Interior Designer in Dubai should work well along with the client to understand them and be able to get their thoughts and ideas with regards to their office design. It is advisable to have a deep and proper communication with the client so that 100% of their requirements can be fully utilized and be able to proceed with the design and drawings with less revisions. With this, time can be saved in finalizing the drawings.

6. Interior design consultant in Dubai should get knowledge about design and space planning. All the designers are looking at different type of interior finishes. There are some ways to improve their design ideas:

a. Visiting the malls and look different types of retail interior finishes.

b. Inside the theater, learn about acoustic sound control.

c. Visit various types of villas and apartment interiors

d. Go to all restaurants , café interior and learn about classic and luxurious design.

e. Always look at the magazines and learn some tips of interior designing.

f. Visit all the furniture shops and show rooms and learn about other interior designs.

g. Visit various websites and take more ideas about interior fit-out designs.