Office Fit Out Contractor

High moon Fit-out contractor are giving very good knowledge about the office fit-out works. During the process, High moon would also make you an interior designer letting you discuss your own ideas with regards to your office designs and requirements. We, at High moon Decoration being the fit-out contractor has very good experience and knowledge working along with the client.

How are our designer deal with our client?
1. Space Planning

We at High moon gives all the ideas about space planning. We are completely aware of the sizes needed for the offices, cabins, open workstation area, conference room, rest room, utility areas and reception. We are also aware of the standard furniture sizes such office desk, conference table, workstation table and conference table making us well versed in space planning.

2. Colour Theme

We at High moon gives all the ideas about colour themes. First thing we do is to ask the client what is their corporate colour then we plan accordingly whatever the client response is. We explain and discuss to our client what colour best fits to their office giving them the ideas of how it would look like or which colour matches with other colour. We also provide 3D designs or sample photos for their references. This experienced fit-out company in Dubai will help you choose the right colors for your office or even for your houses. High moon is having a different and unique coloring style that fits your needs!

Best Fit Out Contractor

Best Fit Out Contractor

3. Ventilation

Proper ventilation is very important to every office. With proper ventilation, the person can work peacefully and calmly. High moon being an experience fit-out contractor in Dubai can help you plan accordingly with your ventilation needs.

Types of ventilation:

1. Natural Light Ventilation

2. Cross Air Ventilation

We have experience engineers giving you advices on how to have a proper ventilation in your offices.

4. Acoustic

Sound acoustic is very important in offices, health care places, spa and saloon, schools and colleges as these needs privacy. With High moon, we are providing several ways on how to provide an acoustic sound control such as the following:

With this knowledge, we are giving awareness to the client what is the best materials to be used if they want privacy, making them think thoroughly and they can also become a fit-out designer for their own office.

High moon is the best contracting company in Dubai. For the last 9 years, we provide office fit-out as well as knowledge to our clients about fit-out works. We are the top listed office fit-out company in Dubai. We have all kinds of design ideas patterned with our technical knowledge. We are a company keeping a very well talented people in house.