Al Ain School Furniture

Al Ain also known as the Garden City due to its greenery, is the largest inland city in the United Arab Emirates, High moon gratified to host our Best online school furniture in Al Ain . We offer a variety of consultation services to school Furniture in Al Ain. We have a huge range of preschool furniture and School furniture .Preschool Furniture’s like preschool tables and chairs, storage, easels, School desk, Hostel Furniture, canteen furniture Training room Furniture . Class Atmosphere is very important for students such as color, Size of the Room ,interior design ,furniture ,Amount of light ,Class room arrangement are very significant . Not only in words we are the Top School furniture online in Al Ain by having expert team of highly skilled 3D Visualizers, Designers and Educational experts they work closely together with us to deliver you the best possible 2D/3D layout and our High moon best school furniture Al Ain Specialty is client can choose there school furniture and equipment library as their own style, size and color we do the customization According to their idea.

Quality of High Moon Product:

High moon School furniture online in Al Ain has, a well-known name in UAE market from 2007 because we are maintaining Quality product as like our breath and at each level of production, we have implemented a well-defined Quality Policy which renders us a faithful brand in the market. To obtain safe, defect-free, and durable range, we have also appointed trained and experience supervisors, whose responsibility is to monitor all stages of production of our product.

High moon Top School Furniture online in Al Ain:

Well-Designed Preschool Classroom Furniture Promotes Children’s Growth:

A kindergarten child needs a good atmosphere wherein they can feel convenient and good quality furniture plays an important role here. This is the reason why, our school furniture shops in Al Ain is available in variety of designs meant to attract and capture the minds of the little ones. Our High moon top school Furniture shops in Al Ain involved in the manufacturing of a wide Variety of kindergarten furniture designed to satisfy kids of a particular age group. Our kindergarten best school furniture online in Al Ain product list includes complete kindergarten and preschool Furniture. All these top school furniture Al Ain not only keep the children engaged in different activities, but also make their stay them happy in the school or day care a convenient one.

Comparing the quality of other Best school furniture manufactures in Al Ain we procure only the best quality of material to make our school furniture durable and light in weight, so it is can easy for students to use it. The legs of the chairs, tables and other furniture have rubber padding to avoid floor damage. Moreover, we are providing proper and strong holders for Heavy Furniture’s, so that help them to move the furniture easily. Being a leading Best school furniture supplier in Al Ain, we can supply these goods as per client requirement

Highmoon Launching School Furniture Al Ain

Class Room Furniture

School Students like classroom furniture that is both functional and comfortable. As a top school furniture Manufacturers in Al Ain we always keep the student convenient in our mind before manufacturing the class room Furniture for any School. With help of our designing team our high moon school furniture manufactures in Al Ain making Traditional and modern design furniture that support the students to be diverse learning environments from Elementary to Higher Learning. Which includes classroom chair, classroom table, classroom desk, classroom benches etc. Our Highmoon best school furniture shops in Al Ain specialty is the classroom furniture which we provide to kids is safe and functional, yet inspirational space to learn. Our classroom furniture is flexible and offers a great comfort level and can accommodate students of various age groups.

Library Furniture

Our school furniture online in Al Ain has wide range of Library Furniture Sets under the group of Library furniture which are manufactured and designed from high quality raw material like German Broad and metal. The material used were sourced are purchased from trusted vendors and checked for corrosion and termite. Our furniture are highly loved by our clients due to the space availability, multiple shelves were designed technically so that it can accommodate maximum number of books easily. Similarly we can provide you table and desk with lot of surface space that can be used for reading and library decorations by customer satisfaction level we are differentiating us from other top school furniture companies in Al Ain .Being the best library school furniture supplier in Al Ain, we deliver this goods in very short amount of time. We have best furniture installation services team which make us the best top school furniture Supplier in UAE.

Laboratory And Auditorium Furniture:

Our online School furniture in Al Ain manufacturing team constructing the lab furniture customize these as per the specifications detailed by our clients .Example The Computer Lab Furniture offered by us are specially designed by our experts to work on computer for longer time . Furniture’s Comfortable and durable, these are known for appreciated for features such as unique design, light and weight and available in different sizes and also we have Science Laboratory furniture with chemical resistant work surface. we have top school furniture showroom in Al Ain we are able to provide complete set of school furniture and auditorium seating in unbeatable price better than other best school furniture companies in Al Ain.

Cafeteria Furniture:

High moon top School furniture shops in Al Ain have wide variety of cafeterias products that will give you a great dining experience for small and large groups of students alike. We will set the cafeteria furniture up with ample walking space between the dining tables or leaving areas of the floor open to allow for expansion as needed.

Executive table And Cabinet for Staff

These days’ lots of entrepreneurs are giving more important to the chairs, desk and sofas at their working area as it reflects their professionalism. Our chairs are designed in such a way that makes them highly convenient and even save your employees from back problem, neck problem and other health complications. So, if you want to add a sharp touch to your office décor, then try our best school furniture in Al Ain . What’s more, our office furniture that we are offering is extremely affordable yet high in quality of product. You can customize you staff cabinet as per your choices also.



It is important that your products reach you safely. High moon has own good vehicle facilities. This helps you in getting the goods to your place soon. You, as our customer can negotiate with these transporters directly. We are not collecting any charge for delivery .This saves your time as well as money.


High moon provides you the support of an expert installation team. The furniture that you purchase can be installed under the supervision and co-ordination of our well trained supervisors .Not in words we are also rectifying the customer complaints as soon as possible. Its makes as a top school furniture in Al Ain